Game lags when accessing Troops and other menus (Fixed in 4.2)


Just to provide further information on this issue, we finally got the response from Unity that the bug was fixed in a later patch. We have updated to this Unity version for 4.2, and from our internal tests, the Troop Menu lag should no longer occur.


Any idea why was this so hard to reproduce in-house initially?



I mean, I’ll say what you left dangling as implication:

I don’t think any of the devs play this game extensively outside of testing. They might fire it up on break and play a couple of matches, but if they’re like me, when they do that they’ll think, “Oh, I should be debugging/testing this {new feature} instead of just playing around.” So they do that.

The last app I worked on was an in-vehicle GPS navigation tool. We were all encouraged to install it on a device and drive around with it as our navigation tool. We found a lot of bugs that way that we’d have never stumbled upon in the building with GPS simulators. Now I work on an API for my company and this kind of practice (called “dogfooding”) is built-in: if I get a new request I’m encouraged to show how I can use the current API to solve it instead of writing brand-new, potentially buggy code.

I wish the GoW devs rotated a “play day” and assigned a 3-4 hour session to a dev on that day. The objective on that day would be, “Try farming traitstones or trophies like an endgame player for 2-3 hours. See if that works.”

I think devs should have to face a situation that players might have to face. Here’s one: "You’ve had a busy week, it’s Sunday morning, and if you can’t get 200 more trophies by 3PM you miss guild requirements. Also make sure to spend 15 sigils in the event, and consider doing your daily delves, tasks, the bounty event, dungeon, and don’t forget to wash behind your ears. The reason I say this is most “minor issues” are ones that cost a player time when that player is in a hurry.

Instead, I think they face much more simplified requirements like, “Make sure the weapon you are working on works on two or three teams in four or five matches.” That just isn’t sufficient for the number of interactions that can happen in GoW. It’s not good enough dogfooding!

So yeah. Devs should get a “play day”. Maybe let them spend it at a pub or something. Slightly-drunk to moderately-drunk play surfaces some errors, too :wink:


Cannot agree with you more.
I have a strong feeling that GoW devs very often do not understand why end-gamers are complaining because they simply play too little of their own game and do not encounter many situations which are quite common for end-gamers.


I think Slypenslyde hit it on the head: the devs are so busy developing the game that they don’t have the desire to play it as much as end-game players do. So they miss out on some of those experiences and lessons that hours upon hours (frankly, an embarrassing and potentially unhealthy amount) of playtime impart.

Edit to add: I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. Developing games probably isn’t a simple 9-to-5 job. I know Sirrian and Nimhain have been in the office faaaar outside typical business hours. It would surprise me greatly if the devs wanted to spend what free time remained playing the game they already pour so much of their life into.


This is why I think it should be a once-a-week rotating thing. Technically it would be “work time”, but that dev’s job on that day is “play GoW like an endgamer/midgamer/newbie”. (In fact, they probably shouldn’t be able to interact with the ticket system except as a player. That means filing bug reports on the forums or in Zendesk, as a non-dev account so they don’t get special treatment.)

If it’s meant to be “in your free time” then it’s just asking for unpaid overtime. It worked on my team because the only logical time to use our app was when I was not at work. I don’t want them working unpaid overtime. Even when it’s voluntary, I don’t think people do their best work in those circumstances.


In this particular circumstance, the resolution of this issue didn’t depend on our ability to reproduce it. We had a clear idea of what the issue was caused by and how to resolve it (waiting for the Unity fix). We were able to reproduce it with some accounts in the office.


Thanks, looking forward to the 4.2 update: any ballpark release date?



So your post is 11 days old and you have a fix but havent released it yet. WHY???. I for one am sick and tired of rebooting and to know its fixed but not released yet really Frustrates me.



Unfortunately, this requires a client update and will ship with 4.2. This will be released very :soon: :tm:.


7 days from now would consitute “Long™”
That being said… Do you stand behind the “Soon™” statement? :grinning:


Now (for release date)


Also @XINDIANAX, as mentioned please check the game version inside your Settings near the X at the top. Until this number increases and we make it clear on social, the forums, and in-game, the update isn’t released. We’ll definitely tell you when it happens, though.