Game lags when accessing Troops and other menus (Fixed in 4.2)

  1. I’m on Android, level 1,200+
  2. Usually only after half an hour, the lag will take more several seconds the longer you play in one session.
  3. Usually PvP is the main culprit. But long run of Invasive/explore could sometimes result in that as well.
  4. It’s always on 4x speed.
  5. It’s garanteed to happen after playing longer than an hour. I’m on mobile, so I usually reset every hour regularly.
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PC/Steam Level: 1086

How long have you been playing the game for, and how long did you have Gems of War open for, before the game lag starting occurring?

It varies, i generally play for a couple hours, sometimes i play for 15-30 minutes. But it will happen until i get annoyed with it and close the game.

Does it happen when you are doing anything specific in the game?

Does not seem to matter what i am doing, it has happened in PVP, treasure maps, invasions/Raids (especially trying to click “Edit Team” If i do a bunch of explore battles come back out use my keys,click troops to see what arcane i need for a trait or something. Does not seem to matter.

What animation speed are you playing on?


How frequently does it happen in each “session” of play?

5 minutes in usually. Give or take. I only really notice it when i go to troops menu, but it has happened when editing a team or something in pvp or casual pvp. And continues till i get annoyed and close the game.

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Its not just lag it totally freezes up


i am level 1227 this is been happening just before xmas the longer you play the worst is . i though it was just me or my pc even on my android box the lag it still there my tablet dont see a problem glad its not just me lol


Account 1

2.It´s starts almost right away
3.When going to edit team meny or troop meny
5.Almost every time when (see answer 3)
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Account 2

2.same as other account
3.same as other account
5.same as other account
6.same as other account

  1. Steam on Windows 7, level a small step below 1400

2 & 3. There are two instances when I experience the lag - opening troops menu (that includes selecting hero weapon in the Arena and edit team button from modes like Invasion) and x-ing game window.
Sure actions necessary to start the lag are playing more than ten PvP battles in a row or playing more than three Arena runs in a row. The longer uninterrupted gameplay goes on, the more pronounced lag issue becomes.
If I wait out the first lag and then open troops menu after every finished game, freezing problem seems unnoticeable but it returns visibly again after longer streaks of consecutive games.
Half an hour of explore on freshly open game didn’t cause the lag. Ten consecutive treasure hunts on freshly open game didn’t cause the lag either. However, it might simply take longer time of uninterrupted action in these game modes and, for me, playing explore or treasure hunt makes the lag resurface if it has been previously caused by PvP and I have initially waited it out without restarting the game. Also, in treasure hunt lag seems to be affecting loading time of a new game (haven’t noticed this in loading times of other game modes).

  1. playing at 4x

  2. Most (but not always) of the sessions that include playing long streaks of PvP

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IOS level 1098
Beeen playing 2 months since first on Apple Store so 4 years?
Happens normally after playing for hour or so. Big freezes when playing matches. I can’t move gems for up to 20 seconds. Also falling gem cascades don’t fall freeely it’s like slow motion
Playing at the top level of speed. X 4
Yes it generally happens in each session unless it’s just a 30 minute session. I tend to switch iPad off and back on again and that seems to work
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  1. Pc lvl 1205
  2. Steam, lags starting after 30 min
  3. after pvp and arena battles and after treasure hant when opening troops menu
  4. x4
  5. Everytime after battles and treasure hant game
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Thanks so much everyone!


PC lvl650

about 1 hour

opening the troops tab


5-10x a day

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  1. Android mobile, and 1083
  2. Usually 15 minutes or so before it starts lagging… sometimes faster.
  3. Changing from one menu to another and especially when trying to go into the troop menu. It usually lags so badly that I close and reopen the game. I also start getting major lag with extra turn animation or troop spell animations.
  4. 2x…any faster sets off motion sickness with me given how much animation and flashing there is…
  5. I usually play several hours at a clip, so 5-10x before I get frustrated and close and reopen the game
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@Cyrup has the team been able to replicate the issue and do you still need more reports of this bug?


I’m on a very old laptop so my issues are more pronounced so i figured i would post regardless of all other reports… This problem first appeared when the new class changes with the talent trees etc were introduced and for the lag issues appearing, it shows up a lot sooner when my hero is involved in battle (within 10 minutes)… if I play with teams without my hero, the lag starts after 30 minutes or up to an hour

  1. win10 laptop (dual core 1.6ghz) level 451
  2. varies with what i do, hero in battle about 10 minutes, without, about 30 minutes
  3. yes,
  • about to start a battle and clicking ‘change team’ while my hero is in the team, will freeze up to 3-4 minutes
  • with my hero during a battle, i cast my hero ability, animation shows, then freezes for up to 10 seconds before the effect shows.
  • from main map pressing ‘troops’, freezes up to 3-4 minutes

4 max
5 once it starts, it won’t stop, it just gets worse the longer i ignore it, and it will always start
6 chocolate

i have those issues on my android phone as well, but not nearly as badly since my phone’s about 4x as powerful as my laptop is, my phone’s acting similar to other reports


I’m not sure If im experiencing this exact thing… my problem is that I get extreme lag when I’m on the pvp screen after a battle trying to leave the pvp screen (to go home). I think it might also do it for Troops page, but not as often.

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Yes, they can reproduce it, fortunately! They are still digging a bit at this stage, I’ll get back to you guys soon to see if we have anymore information.

At this point, we may have discovered the cause of the issue but it also seems there are a few other problems at play here.


@Ricky76 What iOS device are you using?
@Xandestria And what is your Android device/model?

Also, sorry that Question 5 was a bit confusing - to be clear, this is not the same as question 2 (how long was the game open for). This is more about the frequency in which the lag occurs. For example, if I am playing on Android the lag may happen 4 times on average in an hour.

Thanks all! :heart:


I hope you guys don’t wait till 3.6 to release a fix for this. I’m getting sick of having to restart every half hour. Please do a 3.5.5


My device is a Samsung Galaxy J7 and Android OS 11.1.1. The lag was really bad yesterday and started as soon as I started playing… happened probably 7-10x per hour. Sorry on my delayed response.


Im worried it wont be patched until 3.7 :scream:


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience with this issue. Upon further investigation the development team has discovered that there’s a few causes to this problem.
Firstly, the team has made some changes to improve the way the game was accessing data when loading the Troops menu which caused some large loading or “lag” times. This should cut the loading time by half, if not more. You will see these changes in the next update.
Secondly, it’s thought that the majority of the lag is caused by an issue with the version of Unity that the game is coded in. Unfortunately, this means the problem is predominantly out of our hands until we can receive a fix for the version of Unity we are using. There is no time-frame for the fix at this stage. I’m really sorry to tell you, but at the team is unable to do anything else to alleviate the problem until the fix. In the mean-time, you can try:

• Closing the game at least once or twice every hour
• If you haven’t already, ensure your account is linked (PC/Mobile) and try reinstalling.

Although these workarounds won’t fix the issue, they may ease the problem a little.

Thanks for sticking with us.

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