Game improvement suggestions

introduce a restriction on top ten guilds on how many players they can add per year to improve changing of the elite.
no more than 1 every couple of months should do it, and stop other guilds from having their players poached every week whilst elite members go on holiday or want a break for a bit. this guild setup is elite dominated because the developers have setup to mimic the real world - who wants to be reminded of just how few people own everything.

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Somebody help me find the dislike button :wink:


there isn’t one - only one to gang up on people who make suggestions that the elite don’t like.


why don’t you want change at the top- which guild you in?

Ill be having what ever you are using. Damn thats some serious tripping xD
This is the stupidest idea i ever read here. Now that i think of it, ive never seen anyone suggest anything that didnt have at least something good to work with. But yours? Daaaamn. .


I’m a console player on ps4. I’m in Santa’s Big Gifts and is the #1 guild on ps4.
You have a nice day now ya hear.


hi there
there isn’t one - only one to gang up on people who make suggestions that the elite don’t like.


why don’t you want change at the top- which guild position you in?


ohh so your opinion is self motivated.

I am shocked - enjoy yours LOL

Well, people can “Like” your post, and that counts as a “Dislike” against the OP? Maybe? :slight_smile:


remove greed from famous quote insert Michael douglas photo and write change is good when it benefits others and me.

clearly you’re good with photoshopped images…

ohh I remember you name calling previously, and your guild is in what position exactly?

You see when you identify yourselves publicly as elite and defend your self interest so obviously, your opinion on beneficial change is worth what exactly? Les or more or too intelligent for you?

I don’t think there is a set value one can place on opinions, as they are not tangible or measurable concepts. However, if it were possible to do so objectively, I imagine you’d be loathe to hear the relative valuation of yours to mine.


keep trying but verbosity without meaning or relevance is what?

you don’t like the idea and you are not going to answer.

I’ve been seeing Santa’s Big Gifts in that spot ever since I started playing this game, I swear you’d think it’s by default. :laughing: Good far y’all tho’.:+1:

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He must have had some of the good stuff.


As a long term member of the elite, I would just like to point out that none of the top, say 10-20 guilds would allow in someone as hallucinogenicly self-entiltled as you. So, even if your suggestion were implemented, you still have zero shot at joining us up here in the clouds. Enjoy your stay in the gutter with the other refuse.


As a player that has been in a couple of top tier guilds, the devs have not done anything to “rig” the system or set it up so it’s against anyone. Those guilds you’re angry with have EARNED their position. By playing the game. By dedication of their efforts for the betterment of their guilds. No one handed them anything.

If you have lost players because of a top tier guild leader being able to offer something better than whatever guild you are part of can offer then you should be looking within to improve what you have to offer. Spouting this temper tantrum will fix nothing.


It should also be noted that there’s nothing stopping 30 dedicated players from attaining what the top guilds attain per week. You can accumulate as many trophies as they do with enough time put into the game, even if every single guild member is level 10. It’s simply a matter of hours spent. Legacy means nothing; per-week results are all that matter.

tl;dr: stop complaining on the forums and get to grinding.


First of all:

But well, i’m the mood to respond, so why not? :laughing:

The so called “Elite Members”, as you put, would not maintain their “Eilte status” if they wouldn’t deserve it by continuously playing the game as much as they can/want to/ are willing to.

Restricting their process of “renewing the ranks” because a dedicated player stopped, for any reason, would just barely alter the result of their success. Being restricted for one month to add another member would basically make the other members “work” a little harder to compensate the difference during this said month.

What you are asking is not about fairness at all…
It’s just your bitterness and self-entitlement delusion getting married and having the most abominable babies that received the name of “Suggestions”.


I was told not to feed them