Frozen Stiff

Is there actually a Glaycion-Fight? I haven’t seen a single one even after 54 fights.

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You are all wonderful. Thank you. But, I realized a problem: There are two f battles, Fallen Valdis and Frozen Shieldbreaker. I am updating my f words to include the first letter of the battle’s second word.

Greasy favourite aquaman hates fartsy iguanas.

Not that it matters. Ultimately this just boils down to avoid Ice Golem so. :woman_shrugging:


Gotta Fight Always Happy Fallenvaldis Instead.


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I was looking for a post like yours.
I have done 54 fights or 24 fights in phase 3 and Glaycion didn’t spawn once.

Has anyone encountered Glaycion?

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he probably did check that there’s a bounty on his head in current campaign (bronze task) and decided to hide deeper :sunglasses:



2nd Glaycion at 68 battles won, don’t remember when 1st was


So you have had Glaycion spawn 2 times in 38 fights where he can spawn(phase 3).

All fights have an equal chance of spawning… It doesn’t appear that way.

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This is my surprised face.

Or just not give the first place reward to all of the players who tied… if they stopped doing that we would see those collusive groups all tied for first place stop real quick. If those players knew only one person was getting that power orb then they would all actually try to win outright and this issue would resolve itself without inflicting these convoluted scoring systems on the other 99.999% of players every week. They could tie-break by RNG, timing, or whatever, the vast majority of us don’t care and shouldn’t need to.


Here’s what I came up with:

Game Fails at Having Fun. I’mrightyouknowit.


The title of the world event should be “Boiling Point” @Saltypatra @Jeto

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When Worldevents were introduced leaderboards worked that way. You had a lot of players with the same scores but only one got the power orb because he was 1st place. The next player was 2nd place, and so on. I think that was not fair at all. Same scores should result in same rewards. I guess the devs felt similar, hence the changes with variable scoring.

I don’t think the scoring is bad as such, what I don’t like is that every week it is different. Every week we’ll have to figure out what order to play in. That is the stuff I’m annoyed with.

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Could everybody please buy the useless ingot offer whenever it shows up as daily deal? If those players that skip it would actually pay some gems we’d see way more imperial deed offers, because the ingot ones would run out of stock. Don’t be a tightwad and stop inflicting those bad offers on 99.999% of players every week. :roll_eyes:

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I was just as confused as everyone else about the scoring but Sinnycool on YouTube mentions that Glaycion>Fallen Valdis, Arcturion>Hive Mind, and Frozen S>Ice Golem is the way it is because the troops that gives the most points all have Ice covering them and/or freezes the enemy, the exception is ice golem…never pick him unless hes the only option. Its clever that the Devs did this but I still like the K.I.S.S method over thinking too hard.

You’re probably misunderstanding the preceding context of that quote based on your response. I’m not saying it’s those players inflicting the convoluted scoring systems on the rest of us, I’m saying the devs are doing it as an ill-advised solution to deal with the first place ties. If the devs resolved that issue in a better way then the convoluted scoring would not be necessary, and it wouldn’t need to affect everyone.

I’d argue that assumption: ladderboard ties are cause of “dynamic” event scoring
is false in the first place.
Everything starting from that point can be ignored…

The only thing frozen stiff is the direction of the game.

I have the impression the devs don’t really care about the first place ties. It’s just a few extra power orbs that benefits maybe 0.01% of the player base, and usually the same 0.01% of the player base, way too little to make any difference on global level. If the devs wanted to put a stop to it they’d just add that 1.18x fudge factor to every fight, would take them a few minutes.

So, why do we have that convoluted scoring? My best guess is that the reason is really what the official statement claims, as mind boggling as it sounds. They truly believe that this kind of scoring makes the world event more interesting for players, and the piles of feedback to the contrary haven’t reached those in power to change something about it yet. Which is kind of a shame, players actually want a variety in the way battles play, not in the way they score, there are some easy ways to achieve this. But as long as the feedback channels are clogged up there’s probably no point in writing about it yet again.


Yeep. I’d bet on exact same explanation.