Free play not free anymore

are they really going to charge a monthly fee now if yes i might not be able to play anymore and i really like this game or is it just packages you have to pay for now

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Gems of war is still free to play and will continue to be in the next update.


The next update will just add an option to spend some money to get some benefits during a new type of event. The event itself will still be playable for free, as well as any other current events and features in Gems of War.

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Global chat is a great source for misinformation. 99% of what’s said there is bull shit.


thankyou everyone

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That’s only the half of the truth and I suggest you know this.

In future you have to pay to get the Event-Mythic in Event Week. If you don’t pay your hope is to get it later (the usual 4 weeks delay) via “normal” Keys that have a chance to catch a Mythic. And despite the fact that there are already a lot of Mythics in the game and the chance of getting one via “normal” Keys is minimal… it’s not wrong to word it “you have to pay a fee”.

It’s right wording if you don’t want to fall behind (esspecially in GW for example).

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You will also have the option to forge it. As usual, you only “have” to pay if you have to have everything right now.


Yes it is wrong.
To get it asap then you have to pay a fee and complete 1k stars.
But to get it eventually there will be a free option.
So “have to pay a fee to get it” is simply incorrect.

May feel unfair for those don’t want to pay a cent on the game. But is it anymore fair for those who spend money on the game yet get exactly the same troops at the same time as those free to play?

For a business… If you’re going to upset a group of folks no matter what you do… It’s always smarter to upset the party that spends nothing on your product.


Such a simple concept and yet so many people here can’t understand it.

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As people already pointed out, said new mythics will be available normally in Soulforge during certain periods, they will be added into the poll chances for keys and Legendary Tasks. As such they CAN be obtained for free with some luck and time investiment collecting and using the resources the game offers.


Sorry for u both @awryan, @Denthegod: I’m VIP 8. Should be enough at the moment - regarding the fact I’m Switch-Player.


@awryan: Quoting half of a phrase and setting it out of context is really bad manners.

You mean quoting a portion of what you said instead of the whole paragraph?

If so… You literally just did the same thing.

Or were you just giving a free lesson on hypocrisy?

I don’t disagree with your stance in the post — don’t misunderstand me or think I’m critical of the position.

Just wanted to point out that the always is, perhaps, overstating the case.

Because consider: children have little to no money of their own. It’s parents that buy their toys, for the most part.

So…if pokemon, say, were to piss off kids by no longer being cool (making games too hard, or whatever it would take to make kids hate pokemon), then the company’s profitability would no doubt be in trouble, even though it wasn’t the money-spenders driving the downward-demand.

I’m sure there are other cases, too: women don’t (often) buy their own engagement rings—but if Jared pisses them off, they’ll be sure their significant other goes elsewhere to buy that rock—so just some food for thought, even if not applicable here.

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Honestly it’s not that the game asks for money that bugs me. I feel the time investment it asks for is worse. Normally I’m used to spending money or time. In this came you can spend both :confused:


Happy kids = happy parents who are happy to spend money to keep their kids happy.
In your example the kids would be the players, but their parents are the customers.
A company would then listen to the kid who’s parents buy their product more than a kid who’s parents don’t purchase the product. Fair or foul. That’s the world.

In both examples you error by not realizing the kid and the woman are ones who are attaining the money. They’re just getting it from a third party and having that third party make the purchase. Regardless of where the money is coming from. There’s always a target audience that a company tries to cater to.

No. I mean:

So you did the same mistake twice.

No. I didn’t quote parts out of their context.

I’m out of this discussion. I’ve said what I wanted to. Do with it what you want. And anyone is free to think different about it.

A different point but a good one for shure.

Don’t correct people (even on the internet) unless you know damn sure that you are correct.

Free grammar lesson.
It’s not off topic since this thread is about misinformation. Knowledge is power boys and girls.

OK. To be completely on-topic again here’s a summary:

Chances of getting the Mythic:

Keys needed in average (not guaranteed) getting any Mythic:
Glory Key: 7,143
Gem Key: 1,042
Event Key: new Mythics are not available through Event Keys
Guild Key (Level 6): can’t look atm because I don’t have Level 6 atm
VIP Key: not relevant for F2P

Not having the droprates for Guild Keys at the moment doesn’t change much.

Suggesting drop rates for all Mythics are the same (which isn’t proved as far as I know) in average you’ll need the following number of Keys to get a specific Mythic:

Suggesting you’re playing Switch there are 42 Mythics in the Key-Pool right now.

7,143 x 42 = 300,006 Glory Keys
1,042 x 42 = 43,764 Gem Keys
Or a mix of both of them of course.

“Problem” here is: this are average numbers. You can get the specific Mythic with 1 Glory Key or you don’t get any Mythic with millions of keys. This is not to blame it’s the nature of RNG. But the example shows the direction. Numbers are even worse on all other platforms then Switch because there are more Mythics in the pool.

Oh, yeah. Somebody was writing something of Legendary Tasks. Don’t count on it. On Switch there are pretty much exactly 5 Guilds which do a relevant number of LTs per week. Practically they cut LTs with introduction of Epic Tasks. The situation might be better for players of other platforms.

Chances getting the Mythic 100%:


  • Pay the fee and close the Event with 1,000 Stars. OR:
  • Pay the fee and close the Event with less then 1,000 Stars. Wait around 4 weeks, save your Diamonds, wait until it’s craftable (can take some more weeks, wait patiently), craft.


  • Wait around 4 weeks, save your Diamonds, wait until it’s craftable (can take some more weeks, wait patiently), craft.

And with this data we are all informed now. Misinformation (and accidentally or willful misunderstanding of written words) excluded.

If some numbers aren’t correct I’m shure there’s someone correcting them.

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Okay, then another:

A senator spends no money on a product, but is pissed at the way it affects his/her children. Makes them spend too much time inside, say, or tempts them to gamble at a young age.

So s/he legislates against F2P and, overall, hurts the bottom line of games like Gems of War way more than paying customers ever could. So publishers of games do well to skirt the lines of (in)decency as best they can, to avoid the ire of forces outside their own customer base that could still have an affect upon that customer base.

Just saying the economy of a company isn’t so black and white, or composed of 1:1 relationships. More complex than that, sometimes.