🍀 🍀 Bright Forest teams 🍀 🍀

I imagine there is some discussion about teams already going on in the Official News, but I am curious as to what everyone’s favourite Bright forest composed teams are? Anything that includes a troop or two from the new Kingdom at least? :four_leaf_clover: :sunflower: :deciduous_tree: :sunny:

I actually haven’t used my Glitterclaw yet, I managed to get so many Florians that I could ascend her. :arrow_heading_up:


I haven’t experimented much yet, but putting Titania in my Red Loop team is a significant speed upgrade over Gard’s Avatar. The ability to do AOE damage, boosted by Fairie Fire and keep the turn is almost too good to be true:

Queen Titania
The Worldbreaker (Or Gard’s Avatar, or Infernus, or whatever - I like TWB for his ability to do AOE plus reset the board if ever I get stuck in my loop).

I was thinking of dropping Glitterclaw into the 4th slot in my Dragon team, but based on early reviews, it doesn’t sound like that would be an upgrade over Elemaugrim or Pharos. I might still give it a try, though.


I’ve been running krystenax, titania, florian, sylvanimora in pvp for extra traitstones and it’s fast and efficient for 3 trophy fights. Gorgotha, glitterclaw, titania, etheros is a good team as well. I’m loving the new troops! I think they brought a breath of fresh air into the game, i’m really enjoying experimenting with them.


I like

Prince estheros

Edit nevermind venus sniped me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestion @VenusBlue ! I might actually be able to try that one when I eventually get Titania. I am really interested in the Glitterclaw teams (because, uh, dragons).

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Bizarre colours but I use:

The Dragon soul
Queen aurora

Considering it for purple day


Hellcat, titania, infernus, elemaugrim worked great for purple day too.

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Ahh forgot dragons:


Aim for red and purple for enchant on both plus tds mana then spam tds, glitter claw also helps with green.

Not to sure how effective it’ll be, but I can win a 3 trophy match with it

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I’ve tried :

Abyssal Banner
The World Breaker
Anointed One

Didn’t expect much from a frontlining The World Breaker considering how much mana he blocks before he can spell cast, but charging Florian first prevents the ennemy from playing all while filling The World Breaker. Anointed One’s fast helps making the first move, and once The World Breaker casts, it’s basically the end.



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@awryan Just curious. What does your team name 1-30 mean to you? Thanks

I just usually use something like “GW-Def Green”

Today’s date.


400 event keys and 30%+ were Florians @Cyrup. Luckily, 12+ Legendary troops as well. So no “AWWW Ryan meetings” needed… this week anyway. :wink:

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My nooby team -

Summer banner because why not?
Hero (w/ Fey Wand)
Green Seer

Compliment each other nicely, not for anything serious like GW but it’s been good fun in quest lines :slight_smile:


Definitely nerfed my response.

I’m taking a break from work. If y’all pay my travel and board expenses then I’ll fly there and do a “Team building” conference for the devs.

In anticipation of you saying yes. I’ll renew my passport right now.

I’ll help you make a team that has actually has offense. And @Saltypatra a team that can beat my guilds defense. Special treat, I’ll teach @Vexx how to talk to the players again and not work so much! :wink:

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I literally made this for a bit of fun and without any intent of it being good! I like the pretty colours. :neutral_face:

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Lol…sorry to ruin your fun.
There’s a player or 2 that feel the game would be better if the devs played the game more. We know you are limited on time. How you spend your time is really none of my business.

But I have to be honest… When I read that you are using a team like:

A piece of me died inside.


I use similar team:

Dragon Banner
Giant Spider
Queen Titania
The Worldbreaker

I found Giant Spider’s Magic Link and spell slightly more useful for enabling Titania. I may miss out on extra turns from Titania’s spell, but since that spell is so unbelievably powerful* and enough to 2-shoot whole teams, then it is not a concern.

@Cyrup: I still can’t believe that you (devs) decided to release Titania in its current form.

Shhh… This is for teams… Not nerfs.

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