For the record. How Guild Wars has affected our guild

I like the challenge personally so playing GW every day and designing teams for max points really appeals - but I’d quit my guild in a second if they imposed Guild Wars requirements or made it a big deal. Way too many people don’t want this game to feel like a job and have that stress or see their casual playing hurt others in the guild, and I totally get that.

I’m not sure how it’s affected my guild as I’ve not been with them for long. But if we get into a high bracket I’ll probably end up leaving.
Lower brackets are fun. Varied teams to fight.
Top brackets are not fun. Famine and Death Mark every single battle. Just a bastardized version of the meta but here you need to try and use 4 troops of the same colour, making it hard to counter at all.

Personally I’m loving Guild Wars, but I wasn’t when in bracket 1.


Speaking as GL I can say with confidence that there is no “tension” in MM - I really don’t know where Shim got that idea, and I think he means he would like to improve his own personal performance. Everyone is happily doing their “5 a day” (except the 2 who love the guild but hate wars and are leaving)
Funnily enough when I saw his post earlier I pm’d him suggesting that it might be misconstrued - as indeed it has been :grinning:

A lot of grumbles today when all we got to fight for our 5 matches was psion,famine ,famine ,death/deathmark (not necessarily in the same order)

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I don’t dislike Guild Wars, but improvements are still needed.

I face the color restriction as a challenge, but i understand how others are averse to it as the defenders have no restriction at all and can just field the most grivesome (and unbalanced in this particular enviroment/situation) troops (and class) you can combine.

The raw status gains and extra points in score are not even close to be enough as an incentive to use and as a reward to spend time not having fun for almost any player, and i see it as a symptom of a problem for any competitive feature that may come to GoW: Some colors are very unbalanced/lackluster in some aspects while we have dozens of troops that could really be improved in order to fill some of those roles. And as this is something that takes times to be addressed the negativity towards the feature keeps growing…

Nerfing Deathmark was a move intended to hit Death Knight and lessen the negative impact it had on GW, but the damage was made anyway and the nerf also added some insatisfaction and attrition between players/users here at the forums. I’m bringing this up not to start another argument over these “past waters”, but to show how careful the devs need to be on their actions. And no, i’m not lecturing them (devs) either, i’m just pointing out how this is not an easy job. I share this perspective with hope that people could maybe accept that it will take time to improve GW and instead of taking it so seriously, to the point you’ll quit the game entirely, you and your guild could certainly have a good talk about ignoring the event or at least do it for some copies of the cards anyway.


Well said @Ivar well said


So what i sense here is that you’d really like to discuss Deathmark now, yes? Am i reading this right?



Let’s not digress into how DeathKnightMarks or Famine/Death or Kerberos/ForestGuardian make it almost impossible to play GW for max points without serious stress. I think this thread is more about effects than causes.


Personally, I find the challenge of the colors really fun and rewarding. GW has had absolutely zero negative impact on our guild. I would be shocked if this isn’t true for most guilds. Honestly, if anything I think it’s actually been good for our guild b/c players are a little more active now. We’ve hit the 20k Seals mark for the past two weeks after it being more like a once-a-month thing previously.

No one has left b/c of it or has felt undue stress. Our guild policies haven’t changed. We currently have a player that’s been inactive for 12 days and has yet to participate in a GW. We have about 5 people not participating currently. We have about 5-10 more who who don’t do their daily battles or even all 30 for the week. It’s really about a third of our guild that’s “hardcore” about GW and they are all self-selected.

We’re a top 75 guild and in bracket 7, so it’s not like we’re slouches. This really feels like a problem affecting a few players in the top few guilds. Not that it isn’t meaningful to those players, but I also think they’re disproportionately represented on the forums.


@Delinquent which guild are you in brudda?

As many have noticed our guild has a fairly active and vocal presence on the forums, but I’ll post here just to make sure it’s documented in this thread. I think GW has increased both the level of frustration, the level of enjoyment, and the level of stress for our guild. The constant bugs, the dev response to them, and some of the broken meta and repetitive teams (no details as requested by @Jainus :wink: ) have caused all the frustration. For enjoyment, using different teams, working together towards a common goal, increased communication and participation, and the joy (heartbreak) of shared success (defeat) have all brought our guild closer together. As for the stress, I think we all are feeling it, but the severity and whether it is welcome or bothersome entirely depends on the individual, but I haven’t heard anybody in our threaten to quit (either GW, the guild, or the game). So overall I think GW had been really worthwhile for us.


I think pretty much sums up my situation too .

My guild appears to certainly be getting more seals since GW, so more activity. chat is certainly more active with sharing of teams and ideas/strategies for various opponents defences.

We have no reqs for guild war participation.


@Sidousai @esslee - yeah, I just meant the teams we have to vs now. Nobody likes dealing with these teams, if we had a choice we’d skip 'em.


You can actually skip a guild if you want to :grimacing:

I feel like there were/are players that hung on to GoW hoping that GW would help revitalize their joy in the game. When they found it caused them frustration, it was the final straw for them.

I was hoping GW would be a bit more fun. I had hoped it would be something with guilds trying to defend territory and other guilds trying to steal it back. So we could see an ebb and flow, find some unique bonuses from controlling certain areas. The way it has come out, its basically, just hands tied PvP. Nothing feels special to how GWs was implemented to me.

I had also hoped the GWs would last for a month or so, where you could really see a positive rivalry building conflict. I wanted to be annoyed if Anonymous was eliminating our territory, then laugh like crazy if they left a flank exposed and Black Dragon cut though their lines.

Oh well, I think I went far enough off the rails.


For me and my guild, I’ve found Guild Wars to have sprung new life and spark more conversation not just between members but even from me, myself. I’d been getting rather burnt out on the game before GW’s release and had even considered resignation as guild leader a couple times as I’d felt I wasn’t pulling my own weight.

We’re a semi-casual guild, to the point that we’ve gold isn’t entirely required anymore, but all the really active members (biggest contributors) actually wanted Guild Wars to be a requirement, some opinions more extreme than others. But nobody (at least no one that checked chat in the previous 2 weeks) objected to the idea.

So I compromised, 20 fights per week. Doesn’t have to be individual days, doesn’t have to be color bonus, doesn’t even have to be a win. So long as they even play 20 battles on day six and they’re all losses, it counts and that’s the end of the week.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with GW’s as it’s once again given me a to play and chat with my guild. Something I hadn’t realized I’d missed. :relieved:


GW has been an overall positive thing for me. I’ve mentioned before that I like the sense of danger than it brings rather than the mindless grind of normal pvp.

Does it has its flaws? Indubitably. Can they be fixed? I hope so. Will I be playing on? Absolutely.


so far Dark Riders dont complain :slight_smile:
we booted one member for lack of sentinels and that was it
all of us here seems to appreciate a competition and we try our best helping each other with the color teams
nobody is pushy or upset when a weaker member doesnt perform well
i feel lucky to be in a guild where ppl are “as ambitious” as me

im personally feeling tired of the every day gw fights that go on even at the weekend, but we have no isses with it in the guild


honestly, i do not like guild wars from the beginning.
Being forced to play with mono/almost mono coloured teams is for me no fun at all.
Is basically an unpaid job i do simply cuz i like my guild.
As others pointed out, i find absurd that while the attaccking teams are restricted for points, the defenders can just meta. Why do no grant bonus points to the attacking team for every non colour of the day defending troop?
Red day is always a nightmare, since red is, imho, the weakest overall colour.
Also i really dislike how losing a single match out of 5 (mostly thanks to RNGesus) makes you lose half the max points.
My 2 cents is that most guilds feel forced to join for the exclusive cards, and most of the players get annoyed because (imho) is just 5 more PvP rounds which results affects your guild, hence more stress.


I like how losing a match makes you feel like crap for your entire guild. And I do think they need to do something about the one-sided how the attack has to be a mono team but defense can be the same old garbage teams how about a one color defense opposite of the one we use brown day for us blue for defense can I get a little more creative please instead of trying to take down these OP teams with garbage.


I guess the decision was made to have no restriction on defence team because:

OP vs OP defence (so PvP)

Is the same challenge as:

UP vs UP defence.

The challenge presented in Guild Wars is by design, which you can avoid but by doing you will (and rightly so) earn less points for taking the easier route.