For the record. How Guild Wars has affected our guild

10% of my guild, 3 members that had been with us for a very long time, have completely quit the game due to Guild Wars. This week I lost my Paragon on the 2nd day. So not only was he frustrated enough to quit, now the entire guild has a lower chance to move up to bracket 1, and they have every right to be frustrated as well.

This is how Guild Wars is affecting the game.


I’m sorry to hear that. There seem to be a lot of guilds experiencing the same thing. :frowning:


We lost one of our higher up members for a more casual guild. Usually we have about 3 or 4 people who don’t even play guild wars. While we currently have no requirements to do so, I can kind of see some of the people who do play getting towards the upset side.

We are in bracket 6 by the way.

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@Zippity which guild are you in?

The Elders! What guild are you in? I just assume I don’t cross paths with many forum people until we get to the top 5 brackets.

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Gems of the Ostfront Guild Leader😎

I look forward to meeting The Elders in brutal combat once you guys are at full strength😈

Edit: we are actually in bracket 7 this week lol i saw our ranking of 64 and thought it was bracket 6… Hopefully by the time we are in the same bracket you will be full strength😀 but then… PREPARE TO BE ASTRONOMICALLY TROUNCED LOL!


Match Masters -rank #3 - currently bracket 1 - has (so far) lost two good high level players because of Guild Wars - and we have a far more relaxed attitude towards the wars than some other guilds in our bracket. Both have completely left the game. :frowning:


Mean Machine hasn’t lost any memebers because of guild wars. Our members are actualy enjoing it.


@esslee good luck with your recruiting

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Yeah its getting pretty tense here in Match Masters, others rumbling… I’d like to see some improvement myself but I think there’s some overreacting happening too.


Black Dragon here. 6 members in one week.


Marthos Guardians lost five people, several definitely due to GW, others to simple burnout.


We lost one member who left the game altogether. Even after taking a hard line stance that guild wars is not required or even expected of our members, most of our members are still making a concerted effort (including myself, even after I flat out said I wouldn’t be using full color teams after the first week because its simply not a sustainable thing for me long term). Nobody really wants to let their guild down and I hope this doesn’t lead to more burnout long term.

The guild for my low level account has taken to requiring guild wars battles. At first, the requirement was going to be every day for a guild with requirements of otherwise “donate trophies, gold, and seals at least one time per week, amounts don’t matter”. I pointed out just how unsustainable this would be so thankfully, this has been relaxed to “fight in guild wars once per week”, even after I pointed out the futility of fighting in guild wars period for a guild ranked in the 200s-300s (its more of a ‘at least put in an effort’ sort of thing). I may have to drop this account entirely, though, as even this is not sustainable given the extra time I have to put in.

Like I said in all of the preview threads, its going to be divisive. Its another thing that people’s priorities can be split on, and when these people have already formed collectives based on their priorities it was pretty obvious this was going to happen. I’m actually surprised neither of my guilds were even harder hit by this (so far), but its already kind of wearing on me and we are only a few weeks in.

There is no “fix” that is going to give guild wars mass appeal and the main problem in my book was locking exclusive rewards behind it. My main hope at this point is that move past guild wars and onto crafting, which will hopefully provide options that makes guild wars truly optional. It will still be divisive among some guilds (though I imagine all that will be worked out by then) but it will be less stress and burnout inducing for players that just don’t want to be “competitive”.


Makes sense that GW will lead to new types of guilds. Gold, trophies, seals and GW will create a lot of different combinations for reqs.

Thankfully, we haven’t lost anyone at Stratagem (previously known as Vn4ever) since we don’t have any performance reqs. Those that aren’t that into it can choose between a bunch of builds depending on what cards and traits you have. As long as you try, it’s all good!

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Players who love guild wars don’t understand players who don’t. As I feared, GW is not just wars between guilds but has created friction within guilds.

@Mariana only a sith deals in absolutes… Im watching you :sunglasses:


I personally dislike GW.

I still do it for my guild, but I will not invest extra time into creating/adjusting teams color based for maximum points. This process wastes entirely too much of my time. I like to use the premade teams I already have that reduce the amount of chance the opposite team has of beating me.

I hope this mode is not FORCED even more upon me, I will likely quit my guild, either create my own or hopefully find another guild that will not participate in this.

I can understand those who probably like doing this challenge, and I don’t want to stop their fun with it. However locking troops and the best free stuff behind modes that players might dislike, is what will cause many to quit.

I will probably continue to play for fun, ignoring PvP and Guild Wars. The meta is just so toxic, those modes do not offer enough randomness with teams. Its the same thing again and again. Explore at least offers some randomness between troops and if you want a challenge, you can increase the difficulty.


We have lost a couple and I can’t say in the long run it will be good for me as well. It took a very low stress game that had no real detriment for failure and made failure not only hurt you but your entire guild. It completely changed the tone of the game, and I do not think that was a good thing


I agree with you. I don’t like the pressure of using monocolor teams to get max points. I have a few regular PVP teams, and those I’ll use in GW and I try to have bare minimum 2 color of the day troops in my team to at least have a decent contribution to my guild, but I cannot be bothered to use a team where all troops share one color, especially when defense teams aren’t incentivized to change.

To the point of the thread, I believe my guild has lost at least three members, one was our paragon…


Just curious. Are the drama mainly because of the daily pressure to participate? Or because there are people who are not participating/on time for the daily GW?