For noobs like me without any Campaign experience?

I see the weekly event is based around Suncrest so I suppose that there is only Suncrest troops to be found in the Event chests this week. Do that means I can get the troop called “The Sun” in the Event chests since it is from Suncrest, what about Quetzalma? Or have they not been released in the drop pool yet?

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Quetzalma, no:

The Sun:

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:stuck_out_tongue: I’d say no one knows unless we see a screenshot:


We got The Sun from a legendary task the first week. Don’t know if that helps but there it is.

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so he is in the drop pool for LTs but not in the droop pool of event chests. I am about to hit myself in the face.

Or possibly was in the drop pool of Legendary Tasks as well as Suncrest event chests, then got silently removed from both the past days.

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Anxiously waiting for a screenshot from someone with surplus event keys getting it (or Salty’s confirmation one way or another).

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Yeah perhaps.

It’s currently not in event chests. And Salty will just say “works as intended”, no matter what the question is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did you try to find it in Event Chests? I could be a test dummy doll, but if someone was before me, all good. haha

I did, also several other players right after daily reset. Going by spending rates in global chat it’s a safe assumption it’s not in event chests.


I’m holding onto my measly 200 event keys for the upcoming Urskaya legendary next week, especially since I don’t have any of the mythics from there so hoping for Doomclaw or Kurandara while I fish for the new Ursuvius. But I would be willing to part with a good amount of those if I knew The Sun was out today.


Looks like they have the code under control now, also for future Campaigns.

I’d rather bet on a single monkey getting the complete works of William Shakespeare out of a typewriter on the very first attempt. :woozy_face:


Im surprised that I am still around.

Just asked in stream. @Saltypatra doesn’t think the Sun is in event chests but will double check.