Campaign Ending: Phoenix Stone

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New Campaign Ending Soon The final week of the Campaign is upon us! This is your last chance to earn rewards from the Campaign, or purchase an Elite Pass to earn some of the following rewards. Quetzalama Once the campaign ends, you will need to wait 3-4 weeks to try and find her in chests.…

Can you finally please answer this question?
Also this post doesnt mention the new campaign unit - someone got it from legendary guild tasks, but that chance isnt really a way to get this unit for all of us.


4 days to complete the tasks if you don’t burn gems.

Nice. :nauseated_face:


Thanks Devs for making feel real stupid spending money on the campaign pass!!

I could do with 1/2 days delay, this I just scamming us into spending more gems


Has anybody skipped past the adventure board task yet? Going by the radio silence accompanying this ninja change I’m fully expecting some more turds placed conveniently for us to step into, like the follow up dungeon task now also taking three days to complete.


Campaign 1 and 2 were fairly priced and implemented in terms of tasks. (For the most part.)

Campaign 3 (this current one) started the sleezy practice of having Dungeon and Adventure Board Tasks that take 3 days to complete. Or of course use gems to skip them. Including having 2 of these tasks in week 10. Why? To push you towards buying the Elite + Pass that’s why.

Gems of War made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit during a pandemic last year. But it’s greedy ass publishers said that’s not enough. (Who now officially own the development company as well.) Your $10 for the campaign pass isn’t enough, they want gems as well with it. Like a hidden cost.

NO ONE SHOULD USE GEMS ON THESE TASKS TODAY because all you’re doing is encouraging the bad sleezy behavior for some minor stat boosts and quicker access to the Mythic. Have patience. They’ll only pull this shit if it works. So don’t let it.


I’m not thrilled about the silver tasks this week either, but this seems suspicious given (1) how many active guilds there seem to be, and (2) how we routinely hear people complaining in the forums about the difficulty of recruiting players.

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There’s one thing I’d expect from a game company, fair conduct. Up to now, weekly campaign tasks could be completed in two days most. This week received a hidden, not readily apparent change that pushes the artificial time requirement to at least four days, possibly more. On the final week of the campaign, cheating weekend players out of the rewards they’ve worked three months for unless they pay up or somehow learn in time of this ninja move. To the community manager hiding under the table, please lie to me and tell me this was not entirely intended, as long as you can get this fixed in a fair way.


If I remember correctly, Gems of War pulled in ~2.2mil USD revenue at ~44% profit margin (~1mil USD profit) last quarter. Margins and profit have consistently increased over the past couple years. It’s. Just. Never. Enough.

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I’ve been aware and posted financials in the past, the greed is almost incalculable if this is correct as the numbers last year were incredible.

It’s completely poor decision making to players that have paid for a pass, to then be gated by another pay to obtain element, that takes 200 of their 465 gems earned through the pass. I mean if you skipped once before it’s 300…

The window to participate with the full bonus of stats is therefore reduced to 4 days. It’s actually miss-selling the Elite pass product. It’s not a week of the stats, it’s half a week.

It should be a disastrous sales pitch for the next campaign…

The campaigns are a resource drain at the same time as a supposed gain.

What they could do is make it 10 x E12 wins or xxx kills, gosh even 10x treasure hunts, but nope, gate off for 1 reason only, time gate for resource drain.

I posted at the start of campaign 1 to please explain what we get, what it costs, what do we need to do etc etc with things, when they are available, and it’s the same copy n paste message we’ve had since day 1.


Totally agreed, it’s really poor form and for a paid product at that.


Indeed: if something is working so well, surely business as usual would make more sense than disrupting the status quo with Shrines, Ads, and other Green Exclamation Marks and hurdles?

Doesn’t sound like a boat one would want to rock…
:thinking: :relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


First campaign, I bought Elite+ Pass because why not. I didn’t like how the campaign tasks were designed, so for the second campaign I only bought the cheaper Elite Pass. I expected the devs to fix the hated issues with the first pass. They didn’t, so for the third campaign (this one), I was on the fence. I didn’t buy a pass until halfway through. Next campaign? I’m on the fence again, but I may pass.

I don’t care about GW, but I do set up my delves so I can run pure faction the final week. Having an artificial time gate of five days is ridiculous. I regularly buy gems, but I don’t spend gems to skip easy to do tasks.


Spoiler Alert: This week’s stream will be cancelled due to …pick a reason. I wouldn’t want to walk into that cluster fire. It’s one thing to let Rng pick the tasks for weeks 1 thru 9, but week 10 should be planned by a paid professional. If such a thing exists…

I second the “Campaign Artifacts should remain active the week after campaign ends”. Players will continue to buy the Doom potion tiers as it is the only way to get forge scrolls. The only way, currently at least. So, what’s the harm in allowing players a full week of delving with a campaign artifact? I’d ask that on the stream this week…


Also, what’s the harm in allowing players to complete their campaign tasks the week after the final set has been rolled out? Especially if that final set is time gated to require almost a week under best conditions…


Meanwhile, I’ve been spending the last hour doing THREE 60 TURN TREASURE HUNTS.


4+ matches from top to bottom, otherwise 3 matches from bottom to top, always wait for the move recommender to kick in. Chewing on your mouse pad helps keep the teeth grinding noise down.


I would like to add my displeasure for this week’s campaign tasks. making thursday the earliest that this can be completed and then the campaign is over on sunday? this is either lazy design, or an attempt to get people to spend gems. please do a better job of this.


Interesting…lots of gem rewards given out the last week or so but then we get a task list that sets us back 5 days before we can get the Mythic we paid to get. Plus it’s pretty much the only thing that gets synergy in the Lore event. Coincidence? I think not…

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