Campaign Begins: Leonine Crown

The Tarot Cards will be available a few weeks after the Campaign ends as Vault/Cedric drops.

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Troops that aren’t tied to the Vault as a Kingdom will now start appearing in the Vault?

If that’s correct.
Then it’ll be the same drop rate as Cedric?

Why isn’t Heart of Rage classified as a Mythic troop to justify it’s abnormal rarity in the vault compared to the other Legendary troops?



Do you know how many tarot cards there will be? Getting enough of them from the Vault will be painful :frowning:


They’re locked in when the Campaign starts. Its typically locked in even before that, since they have to write Artifact Lore for the Kingdom for the Campaign.

Campaigns offer less flexibility for the devs.

That…makes them a lot rarer than people probably thought originally.

Was this ever advertised as being the case for The Sun?


Ninja nerf to Heart of Rage drop rates. :partying_face:

The Sun was being pulled from chests Legendary Tasks as soon as it was available to Elite+ Pass holders. I’m confused by this - are Tarot cards (The sun, the emperor) not just regular Legendary cards? Is that a copy-paste from HoR being available as a Vault troop, and you actually mean to say “as chest drops”?

Obligatory link to a post that links to a post that links to the first question about The Sun.

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HoR is a Vault Kingdom troop.
The sun and the Campaign 4 troop aren’t.


*Blackhawk troops except those exclusive to the vault and the Soulforge.

Just an example of the clarifier that SHOULD be featured on the screen somewhere. Unless misleading players is 100% on purpose.

(I’m aware there’s no Blackhawk troops that are exclusive as of right now.)

Campaign 3 already deviates from the Kingdom Skill = Artifact bonus story:

1 Zhul’Kari (magic) 100 120 0l,0at,0am,+2m
2 Stormheim (life) 200 240 0l,+3at,0am,+2m <<<<<<<<<<
3 Bright Forest (life) 300 360 +5l,+3at,0am,+2m
4 Merlantis (life) 400 480 +10l,+3at,0am,+2m
5 Adana (armor) 500 600 +10l,+3at,+5am,+2m
6 Pan’s Vale (life) 600 720 +10l,+3at,+5am,+4m <<<<<<<<<<
7 Zaejin (life) 700 840 +10l,+6at,+5am,+4m <<<<<<<<<<
8 Broken Spire (life) 800 960 +15l,+6at,+5am,+4m
9 Khaziel (life) 900 1080 +15l,+6at,+10am,+4m <<<<<<<<<<
10 Suncrest (atk) 1000 1200 +15l,+9at,+10am,+4m

Acording to wikipedia, there are 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards…:

So… i’d guess anywhere from 6 to 22 :laughing:

Since @cyberkiwi cited last campaigns tabels, here’s one for current campaign:

Week Kingdom free pass point elite+ points skill free stats elite+ stats diff GW week
1 Blackhawk 100 120 attack 0hp,3att,0arm,0m 0hp,3att,0arm,0m 0 1
2 Wild Plains 200 240 attack 0hp,6att,0arm,0m 0hp,6att,0arm,0m 0 0
3 Shentang 300 360 life 5hp,6att,0arm,0m 5hp,6att,0arm,0m 0 0
4 Drifting Sands 400 480 armor 5hp,6att,5arm,0m 5hp,6att,5arm,0m 0 0
5 Sins of Maraj 500 600 attack 5hp,9att,5arm,0m 5hp,9att,5arm,2m 2 magic 1
6 Silverglade 600 720 magic 5hp,9att,5arm,2m 5hp,9att,10arm,2m 5 armor 0
7 Whitehelm 700 840 armor 5hp,9att,10arm,2m 5hp,9att,15arm,2m 5 armor 0
8 Sword’s Edge 800 960 armor 5hp,9att,15arm,2m 5hp,12att,15arm,2m 3 attack 0
9 Pridelands 900 1080 attack 5hp,12att,15arm,2m 5hp,12att,15arm,4m 2 magic 1
10 Leonis Empire 1000 1200 magic 5hp,12att,15arm,4m 5hp,12att,15arm,4m 0 0
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Coincidence? 2 GW weeks, 2 Magic diff both times. :man_shrugging: :thinking:

@Sytro instead of plagiarising your table, could you add a “skill” column and highlight the [free stream] stat that increased that week?

Where’s my vomit emoticon :face_vomiting: this is a really, really, really terrible idea. I STILL feel
Rage about the whole heart of rage issue. In addition, you are skirting dangerously closely to violating loot box “laws” by not disclosing drop rates of troops you can buy for… cash, essentially.


Just another advance “lesson” that all the good little players should be buying elite (lol) pa$$es.

/s, just in case that wasn’t clear

“Check out this HUGE pain point that’s going to get worse over time. Prepare to suffer, or open your wallet. Your choice.”

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This is worse, you can’t even buy this. You get ONE tarot card from the elite pass. You will want to get it to mythic for kingdom power. That’s 5 copies still needed or an ascension orb. And I’m sure the next “8 orbs of power” mythic is coming up soon too.



more next level of aggravating inconsistency… “The Sun” is not a Vault troop.
it would be nice if it was changed to Vault kingdom or had some sort of in game indication of what the total list of Troops are now that drop from Vault since its no longer only that kingdom…


Would be a bit more consistent if the Tarot troops are labelled as belonging to “The Vault/kingdom.”

Much like Faction troops are displayed as “Faction/associated kingdom.”


Not sure if designating it as Vault kingdom improves consistency, since not all Vault troops are available from the Gnome Vault.

Without changing the kingdom, currently

  • (either): Troops from Vault “kingdom” except treasure troops can be dropped from Gnome Vault battles.
  • (or): Treasure Gnomes, Valravens and Heart of Rate can be dropped from Gnome Vault battles.

Just becomes

  • (either): Troops from Vault “kingdom” except treasure troops, plus Tarot cards can be dropped from Gnome Vault battles.
  • (or): Treasure Gnomes, Valravens, Heart of Rate and Tarot cards can be dropped from Gnome Vault battles.

FWIW I would love to see a full drop % table for Gnome Vault, but since Vault keys cannot actually be bought for real money directly or even indirectly, IANAL but I don’t believe it falls under jurisdiction of loot box laws.

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They have flash offers all the time for them. :person_shrugging:
You’ll see one for yourself in about 10 days from now.


In the devs opinion because chests can be opened with resources and not directly with real $$$ means they’re not loot boxes even though those resources can be bought with real $$$. Apparently having a ‘middle man’ between real $$$ and the loot boxes makes it ok. :unamused: