Flash offer for OLD Event Weapon fron Nexus?

Got a flash offer for an Old Event Weapon for Nexus today for real cash. Someone please explain to me when and where I missed a Nexus Weapon from an event? Or is it more false advertising?

Which weapon?

I dont have PS in front of me (i’m at work, shh dont tell boss lol) but its was Someone’s Star

That’ll be Natura’s Star. That’s the epic weapon that was available to purchase while doing the kingdom quest. It was not from an event.

It should have been available in the Soulforge in Nexus weeks, see Natura's Star not in Soulforge.

Don’t spend cash on it. It’ll come round in the Soulforge eventually, even if it isn’t fixed for next week (the last Nexus week for a while).


Ahh that will be why then. I wasn’t going to buy it hell no, they have fully burned my bridge for paying for stuff and this just makes it worse as there’s no way I “missed” this in the usual way to get weapons.
Thanks for the clarity mate, appreciated.


Don’t worry the fact you missed it in the soulforge is just one of those many bugs that are likely the reason you are closing your wallet on them lol

It’s not false advertising but rather more of the laziness that has become self evident lately.

That particular type of weapon exists for all kingdoms (an Epic that does double damage against troops from that kingdom) and used to be on offer only during a particular kingdom’s “event week”. So this particular one saying “old event weapon” is a result of them just reusing the screen from the others.

They changed it awhile back to pop up as flash offers anytime… in addition to being in SoulForge during the kingdom’s “event week”.

However, they apparently missed their own notes on this. It hasn’t appeared in SoulForge at all, only for $$. I ain’t buying it.