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[FIXED] The Labyrinth - NO IMAGES

my skill image returned now, but new mythic and new troops images are still blank (except king minos)

Quick update for you all, we tried to make a new build (which can take up to 40 hours) and encountered issues while doing so over the weekend. We are doing a new build soon, and will hopefully encounter less issues. This means that we hope to get the bug fixed this week, and I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

This isn’t the same visual issue as in the past, which is why we couldn’t do our normal fix. When I know more I will post again, thank you for your patience.


OK, but what about our lost faction WE ?

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Fixed today :slightly_smiling_face:

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fixed confirmed.

Just wanted to add, that it’s fixed partialy (at least on my device).

Images are up, by all spell images are moved to the left/right side, so that you can see only half of the image (look at bottom troops from both teams):

Fixed here as well.

A word from the devs stating if they’re planning to schedule the Labyrinth faction event again in one of the next weekends would be appreciated (could go together with the next Arena weekend, so to not overlap with other significant weekend events).


The topic was brought up on Monday’s stream. Salty said that there were no current plans to hold a re-run of the event.

Also, as Arena weekends are considered by the game to be an event, a weekend faction event and a weekend Arena cannot run at the same time. A re-run of the Labyrinth would have to replace an upcoming weekend event on the schedule.


Well, this is sad news. I’ll keep my fingers crossed devs do remember in case a future event gets delayed because of some issues (as this one should have been, to be honest).

Thanks for the update.


If this is a plan, it would most likely get added after all the other factions have been released (which we’re getting close to, but would still take about a year).

We pushed a fix for the images no appearing, but I can see something is happening for @Sytro.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Also, does that only happen on first run, or all the time? (Knowing this especially will help.)

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After another 2 restarts of the game images fixed themselves. Looks like client had to think fir a while about new assets.
Now everything looks fine.

pt., 15 sty 2021, 01:18 użytkownik The Saltiest Girl via Gems of War | Forums <gemsofwar@discoursemail.com> napisał:

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Yay! Glad to hear it!

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