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[FIXED] The Labyrinth - NO IMAGES

Maybe it’s trivial but they’re working on something other, more interesting, like something that give more money … (just a guess ^^)

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I disagree… I cant see the mythic of last week… scourage is still unseen and today’s faction was assumed to have bad images, by me… so, dont release a faction when the testers of android/apple etc. Get bad images… my suggestion, dont release mythics/troops/factions/events when its not 100% fine

I think that’s not true, but I’m not an expert…I think they are still on holiday

can we have a temporary fix on the images first (just like last november) and you guys can work and test your permanent fix on beta server or something, it’s annoying not to be able to see your new mythic for a week, and especially your enemies on delve event…


Tbh, I don’t think it’s quite that bad.


The thing really annoyes me is the fact Dev keep on releasing untested stuff, especially when they know there’s an issue with troop’s image on Android one week ago, still let the same thing happened. It just shows players experience is a lower priority for them, they don’t care at all.


idk, they have multiple platforms and we just had a holiday (maybe devs team had a holiday too)

i think this is the reason why it’s not properly tested.

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You speak like you are an expert… wow, I totally agree with you

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Yes. I think the same

Hi, interessant is a Dutch word. I’m Dutch too

My hypothesis is that the devs changed the pipeline for artwork production, and they now create images that are incompatible with the Android game engine. King Minos is probably the last troop validated with the old (working) process.

From Salty’s comment, I get that they’d rather fix the game engine than reverse their image creation pipeline. Of course, that means fixing the bug , submitting the build to Google, and waiting for validation. All of this takes time.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about GoW development process, but I’m good at Imagination™️


here i thought the entire reason for the game was because someone had a child that painted and they wanted to help them make money off of it.

"I can guarantee you’ll get paid for at least 3 paintings a week…
what do you like? D&D, rpg games? okay.w e can do that. … guys, we need a game with three new monsters a week. "


Who wants to bet the images won’t be fixed before the Faction assault ends?


Betting on a pure fact is useless… Sucks.

Hey everyone: ease up. Instead of speculating, why not assume that they know how their game is programmed better than us. Android is a hard platform to program for, just because there are thousands of different phones, each running different versions of the OS, with different skins running on top of them, at different resolutions and different aspect ratios. I’m sure that they tested it, but the platforms they tested it on happened to not have this problem.
Devs are humans. They have families, and they need time off to take care of themselves. They can’t fix anything when they’re stressed, trying to keep up their release schedules for new content, and a bunch of whiners are acting like a few scrambled images are some kind of war crime.
Given that we can still play the game, I’d rather they took the time and did a proper job of fixing it. And if it bugs you? Do something else in the game!

Thanks to all the folks who work on the game for making it so much fun! Take care of yourselves!


holidays are not a surprise, it must be counted in the testing schedule

It isnt clear they tested it, actually. Do the images load on any android device? If not, that means they either

  1. Never checked on any android device.

  2. This is a known issue and the timeline forced a release too early.

I am doing your suggestion of doing something else because this issue bugs me. I spend money on gems, but no way am I spending for this event. The problem though is that this is the ONLY weekend to go to 500 with potions. Sure, there are Tuesdays, but one single day is not the same as three.

Thus, anyone who wants to complete the faction with potions with three days must do it now while it is broken. The game will not offer a second chance. I doubt people would be so upset otherwise.

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To be honest I feel bad for the artist. There is likely some good art there, and the people completing 500 this weekend won’t see it.

That’s totally fair. Just like people can’t know they didn’t test, I can’t say for sure that they did. I will say that the way some folks just assumed they didn’t is pretty disrespectful, and it’s not a great way to encourage people to work extra hard to fix it. I just felt like people went really negative, really fast.
In the end, I’d rather assume that they’re doing their best, and that being a jerk won’t help.

Besides, now ALL my pictures are messed up! They’re all crunched in the upper left corner. Ah well.

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I haven’t called the Hague.