[Fixed] Switch players locked out of further campaign progression

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The core gameplay rules of the ongoing campaign were changed. Originally, tasks that couldn’t be completed by newer players (e.g. due to not yet unlocked classes, banners or underworld) could be rerolled into something possible to do. Now, the reroll option is gone, the only way past an impossible tasks is paying the skipping fee, which has been increased by a factor of 10. Assuming there are at least 10 such trap tasks remaining (which is optimistic, there are likely more), the total extra cost is 3000 - 5000 gems. Not paying up means the campaign is deadlocked, further rewards can’t be collected, most prominently the campaign mythic of the paid campaign pass.

Please provide a solution that doesn’t lock players out of their purchase halfway through the campaign. Changing all remaining campaign tasks to “kill x troops” or setting the skip cost to 0 gems might be a feasible approach.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Update 6.9.


There are bugs. But then there is pure stupidity, which this part of the 6.9 downgrade is.


Don’t forget greed. And being bad at game building.

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Yes, if they are serious about compensating for their blunder, they need to give us 100000 gems, not 300, to skip all those f*cking tasks.

I am sure that anyone who paid for the elite pass and get scammed by this, will not only never pay another cent into this game or any other game from this company, but will also make a hard copy of the entire staff list, and carefully stay ten foot away from any game or any kind of product made by anyone on the list, or any descendants of any of them.

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For clarity, THIS is the actual problem:

If the “old” (6.8 era) Campaign Tasks are being preserved until the end of campaign, the old Skip costs must be preserved too.

Because otherwise:

  • 2 Gold Tasks x 500 Gems per skip = 1,000 Gems
  • 4 Silver Tasks x 400 Gems per skip = 4,000 Gems
  • 3 Gold Tasks x 300 Gems per skip = 3,000 Gems

This is a total cost of 8,000 Gems, when previously (AND going forward!) the total cost was only 1200 Gems.

Alternatively, would it REALLY have been so much trouble to delay the Switch 6.9 update two more weeks to allow our current campaign to finish first?


If the “old” (6.8 era) Campaign Tasks are being preserved until the end of campaign, the old Skip costs must be preserved too.

Alternatively, base the “compensation” on the new costs instead of the old ones, i.e. make that 100000 gems instead of 300.

We’re looking into reverting the Skip Task costs on Switch for the remainder of this Campaign.
Bear with me, I’ll be back.


The fact that this needs to be reported by us players is already ridiculous ineptness of the dev. What have they been smoking?

Even at the old costs, 300 gems is not enough to “compensate” for your blunder. Either make skipping cost 1, or you need to give at least 900 gems per week in the campaign. But then what about new players who newly unlock campaign world quest, or old players returning after a break (like the player in another thread)? You need to compensate them also for needing to skip all previous weeks.

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I dunno, that’s anywhere from 2 to 6 skips depending on the task. I obviously can’t speak for players who are still doing Kingdom progression but I usually only “skip” (reroll) maybe 1 task a week and usually only when it’s a PVP specific task (Dominator, Glory Hound) or Mythic hunt (if it’s not featured in the weekly guild event).

We’ve pushed out a fix to revert the skip task cost back to the game version 6.8 amounts on Switch.
Please exit and re-open the game to make sure you can see the changes.


I obviously can’t speak for players who are still doing Kingdom progression

Isn’t it for the very purpose of “helping new players” that they do this 6.9 downgrade? They are shooting themselves in their feet.