[Fixed] Ringmaster does not resummon a troop

The new Underwold Troop Ringmaster does not resummon a Circus Troop.


Confirmed. I replicated this using Festival Cow, Thrall, Ringmaster,Wand of Stars [6576,6146,7456,1426,3071,3,1,1,2,2,0,0,14037]. [edit: on Windows/Steam]

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yeah… can confirm it doesn’t resummon a troop on Xbox Series X.

… that’s not ideal for pure faction. aha…

Easy test:

  1. Use Fire Bombs to make slot space
  2. Fill Ringmaster
  3. Watch nothing spawn
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Can confirm (PC).

Faction team unplayable as a result.

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Strongman also does not convert a purple to Terror Gem.


somethings broken … oh no, suppose theres1st time for everything :rofl:


So… it doesn’t summon for the AI either? Making the pure faction easier?


Well that cost me a sigil. Guess I will use 4 of same troop or something. That troop is worthless

Well, you have to reach the boss room first, going through several high rarity rooms without being able to replenish your team.

Hmm. True, that.

Maybe 31 Power potions is the way to go.

It’s borderline unplayable with the faction team, as only one of them is immune to terror, so your own team runs away. I guess you could put 4 x strongman.


Got it done with 3X fire juggler and a fire lion. Lost no troops. 3 NYSHA so I could hit hard.


Number of T7? Hoard?
Without it the post is kind of pointless.

and kingdom level

Yes it does not summon. Almost lost the Pure Faction level 500 because of that stupid bug.
Got it done though but still this is not acceptable.

im not at 500 yet but will be soon, what horde do you have?

thank you 1st try!

horde 200
kingdom 15
9 potions of power


That’s how it should be: Harley Quinn is stronger than Joker

Lev 400

SEETHING - I had many chances to summon but big fat NOTHING came !

It is a wasted sigil. I trust it will be refunded (some hope)

I got my clear 500 run with the faction team first time (2500) Strongman, Strongman, Ringmaster, Ringmaster - Horde 205 but some players may be relying on the summons :pensive: