(Fixed/not a bug) Huge reduction in gold, souls and glory received from tributes

I got 17 kingdom tribute last hour.

So far away from 20 tribute before 4.1 update. I think they accidentally reduce it somehow. Hard to be intentional if they really don’t directly change tribute calculation code.

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You may not have intended to change the rewards, but you did. Glory is much lower than before the update.





Glad to assist, here’s the first one. I’ll keep posting one each day to help your efforts to get to the bottom of this, after all it’s causing all players to lose a substantial amount of resources, in a way that wasn’t intended.

The gold amount in the screenshot is inflated by 859 gold hourly income, subtracting that leads to a net worth of roughly 461.

Two of my kingdoms have a net worth of 20, one a net worth of 33, one a net worth of 64, the rest a net worth of 30. Assuming a new calculation formula as explained above, this matches a tribute consisting of 12x 30 net worth + 1x 64 net worth almost exactly, bar some rounding errors. Prior to the patch, this tribute would have given me at least a net worth of 846, at most a net worth of 926, meaning the total has roughly been cut in half.

I think it might actually help to look at PvP defence rewards as well, since I have a feeling it’s connected and you can get some pretty big numbers there that would help show if there’s a difference. I’m pretty sure I have screenshots of ~44 defence wins and similar, from beforehand, and although I haven’t had anything like that for a while (probs new matchmaking algorithm), if I do, I’ll be sure to compare.



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