[Fixed] "Daily Progress" is, well, NOT!

How can I possibly do 4 adventure boards in one day?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expect to complete a daily task in a day. Or change the goals to a weekly task.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is new with the new 7.1 update and “hero’s path”

Steps to make it happen again
I’m not sure how many other of the tasks require multiple days to finish, but if we’re supposed to do them in a day someone needs to weed out the longer ones. OR the “daily progress” should just be labeled “Hero’s Progress.”

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Same problem here. There is another bug report thread reporting this same issue. One of my guild mates also reports that any not-completed adventure board task resets at the end of the day—is this true and does that mean we will never complete the daily progress because of this impossible task reappearing every day?

The tasks do reset daily according to the patch notes, but there are more tasks than just those 3. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll see the adventure board one again tomorrow, but I assume there’s a chance for repeats.


This one was reported yesterday in the patch notes, the team is already in the process of getting a fix out for it.

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Jeto, fyi I have this task on PS5. Was playing E12 battle and suddenly the blue thing popped up saying task completed. I went in and it’s now showing all 3 tasks completed but still 1 out of 4 on the task itself

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