[Fixed] Daemon Gnome Issue


The Daemon Gnome just shows up as black moving lines when viewing the troop. It shows like this when battling too, such as A.I. in Explore battles.

After defeating him in Explore battles, the card that show the 25 chaos shards that were won also has the same moving black lines.

Sounds like an asset issue. Did you try the “download all assets” button in the in-game settings?

Known issue, I have the same thing. “Download all assets” doesn’t help.


I just tried the download all assets, and the same issue still exists.

Good to know. Thanks!

My Shahbanu Vespera still shows that blue tornado for her skill instead of the 3 lamps on ios.

That is after 2 reinstalls of the game, it will one day randomly fix itself or it wont.

Until you clear the cache after you uninstall the game.

I’m on android and for months it was the same. I haven’t reinstalled the game and it suddenly started showing a proper spell picture one day.