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[Fixed] Barbarian Class 3rd Trait not working as described

… or they coded it as planned and got the description backwards.

Orcs love red, Orcs love weapons. So what needs more love than a Red Weapon? :wink:


If Kafka’s able to move your question and following posts to the “New Hero Class: Barbarian” Official News post, I think that would be more appropriate and very much on-topic, there.

On Xbox, while using a red weapon, I do not get the attack increase on skull matches. But I do on any colored gem match.

Still wrong work. I.e. as @Redi1 described.

OMGosh. This took me so long to go through due to the feedback. Please only post information or helpful things about bugs when posting in this section of the forum. If you’d like to leave feedback about how you’d like the Class to work or complain about Devs please do so in the Feedback section of the forum or the Official news post. I promise I won’t delete or touch your posts about Devs there at all as long as they don’t break forum rules - it’s just really important in the bug section to keep things about what the bug is so that the Developers who come here to investigate and fix the problem aren’t slowed down by off-topic posts.

I’ll post here what I put in Discord where I saw the first bug report about this when I got to my PC this morning:

For the record, something that takes 2 seconds to test yet doesn’t work, means that it was working and somewhere between it going through QA and going live borked. Despite popular belief, we’re not that incompetent.

Also every new troop isn’t completely re-coded from scratch even though they have the same functionality as other Troops and Classes etc in the game - that would be insane. The code for Barbarians’ Trait was the same used for everything that adds stats on x colour gem matches. We test everything again once it’s live generally but we had no reason to believe that trait which works everywhere else in the game would be broken

This is as frustrating for me as it is for you folks… and when I tell the team about this they’re going to be shitty it happened too. Because it’s dumb. Dumb bugs are the worst bugs. This shouldn’t have happened and we did test it and it was fine.

If it’s a complicated bug it’s frustrating too but at least if it’s complicated it’s like well yeah, that can happen and it’s most likely an edge case which has really specific reproduction steps that would be difficult to find - so it’s a different kind of frustrating but at least it doesn’t make us hate ourselves that it got in, because it could happen to anyone because it’s complicated.

When it’s something dumb we’re all just eternally head desking.

If this comes off as snarky, please know that it is not directed at ANY of you. I feel your frustration and share in it. As will the team when I tell them about this (it’s still before business hours here). I’m just annoyed this slipped through too.


Because it is fine. :blush: Sorry to add to the confusion. This ‘bug’ is not a game breaker. Surely nothing worth priority treatment. Possibly give it ‘minor bug’ status or the like. I didn’t think you were being snarky, and hope you don’t take me for being snarky either.

Best wishes, and thank you for a great Orc Class weekend. Please don’t nerf it too quickly.


Barbarian Class 3rd Trait now working as described.


Thanks. I saw the game download something and got too busy to check and see if it was that.

Also working as described for me.

Actually it never seems to have worked correctly, the class preview stream from two weeks ago also shows the trait triggering on all color matches. I guess it’s pretty easy to miss when testing with a red weapon equipped, it makes red matches appear to work correctly.


Perhaps appointing some more forum moderators could help enforce the rules? Releasing troops on a Friday just when your company goes home for the weekend is always going to leave a gap in terms of how the bug report is managed, especially as the forum mods keep the same office hours as you.