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[Fixed] Barbarian Class 3rd Trait not working as described

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Should be gaining 3 attack on red matches as well but instead I just gain 3 attack when taking damage.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Consistently at release.

Steps to make it happen again

Set class and match red gems and then take damage.


Tested all colors, skulls, and 4+ of each and got nothing. Going to test a couple of other things.

In class trial I am getting +3 attack regardless of color or amount of match.

If using a weapon that uses RED MANA in ANY MODE with the Barbarian class, you receive +3 attack regardless of color or amount of match.

Since this appears to be the bug I am going to play a bit and stop testing and focusing on this. Good luck :slight_smile:


I’m curious, have you tried playing the class trial?

I see the same thing, not gaining attack on red matches outside of the class trial. But in the class trial matches, Barbaric Fury seems to be triggering pretty much all the time :thinking:

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I have not. The image is from the adventure board and I am currently testing all colors and 4+ matches to see if anything actually works.

I am seeing the same thing – I haven’t used Barbarian outside of the Class Trial yet, but Barbaric Fury triggers on any matched color, not just Red.

Edit: Also outside the Class Trial!!! Haven’t checked if skull matches trigger it. Edit 2: not triggering on skull matches; bug still present, though.

It’s not triggered at all for me in class trials!! :thinking: :man_shrugging:

I am getting +3 on every single match in the class trial. 3 or 4. any color. crazy :smiley:


Aha! Try outside of class trial, use Fist of Zorn on the team. It’s working for me (too well, on all matches) if Fist of Zorn is on the team. Amazing! :joy:

Edit: Also works with Armored Boar on the team, so maybe works as long as you have a Grosh-Nak troop on the team?

It seems they are actively fixing it. Probably why we are all getting different results. My class trial is back to not working at all now.

Edit - It seems I just didnt understand the bug at the time.

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In PvP 3rd Barbarian trait not work for me - on PC. By description attack must icrease when match 3 red gems too, right?

P.S. Try play Barbarian on Android smart - nothing changed, attack not increase when match red gems…

Correct. Oddly enough, if you use a weapon that uses red mana in any mode, every single match gives you +3 attack regardless of color.


Not working on adventure board when matching red but attack went thru the roof in class event. Great quality control and pre launch testing as always.


+1 probably this. :+1:

Can confirm between 13:00-14:00 UK time the “+3 on red” was not working.

The Class gets a Magic Buff for using Red Weapons, so I don’t see a problem with +3 attack regardless of color matched.

Anything to help make this Class better is appreciated.

Edit: I just finished a Class event battle with 170 attack. Seriously, I’m not seeing why this got reported. Somebody afraid Orc Hero would replace L&D as the default defense meta?


+3 attack on any match! I’ll buy that for a dollar!


PLEASE @Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra keep barbarian trait how it is working right now and just change the description to reflect it. Gaining 3 attack from any gem on the board actually makes it viable compared other skull hero classes that have instant kills and 3x skull damage, both of which Barbarian hero class does not have.


How does the haunted weave talent tree work (level 1) when barbarian has no summoning ability???

This question was a genuine query about the new class which has been flagged as off topic. Thank you flaggers lol. Forum threads often digress into subtly connected areas or go off on a complete tangent. Thanks @Grundulum for the reply. I can’t see why my question was so disconnected from the thread for somebody to be so outraged that they felt reporting it was essential. But hey, no skin off my nose.


Poorly. (But realistically, there are weapons that summon as part of their spells.)


It also triggers when an ally summons. I thought any vet that had faced orbweaver team multiple times would know that


Then the tree wording should reflect that. It says "when I…? when it should say eg “when an ally troop is summoned”. Besides, I haven’t really bothered paying attention to Orbweaver meta opposition or the tree selection (I don’t use haunted weave personally in my variant of Orbweaver wars defense). There are so many summons and potential webbings that I don’t bother to analyse what’s going on or what troop is triggering what. The aim is to get it over and done with ASAP; but usually I just pick an alternative team instead.

I can tell you exactly what happened to create this issue.

instead of putting any color of weapon to gain attack when matching red gems. they put red weapons to gain attack when matching any color gems. Somebody coded it backwards.