[Fix Released] Council of Dragons Campaign Weapon not in inventory

Disgusting as always.

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Same on PS platform.

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Yet another example of why you should not give this company a single penny of your money.
Known Issue.
Previously Encountered.
Reassured it would not happen again.
Happens again.


4 times i believe.


Exactly this.

I’m not sure why people are surprised the same mistakes keep happening. This game has been deteriorating for months now and the only way they’ll try harder is if people stop giving them money. The same players moaning here all the time and yet you keep buying the passes so frankly you get what you deserve.

Don’t worry there will be another pass for you to buy in a few weeks for the new kingdom, remember when it used to be 1 pass every 11 weeks that was almost acceptable as you felt like you were supporting the game but now it seems to be a different pass every 4-5 weeks and the quality of new troops/weapons is poor and lazy, it’s beyond a joke now and it’s only going to get worse. Can’t wait for goblinite next year


I hope it’s Rakshite instead. Crafting troops with the power of cat poop!

Have any of you searched the actual weapon in your weapons inventory, cause you might already have it there without knowing since most of us own over 40 weapons or more and its even hard for me to find my new weapon I brought using gems for an event.

Uh, yeah… I’ve been playing the game for almost 3 years.

Look at my screenshots.

The 2nd clearly shows all Khaziel weapons - owned and unowned - in alphabetical order.

It should be between Anvil of Might and Dark Hammer as it starts with a C but it isn’t.

I’m not surprised. I just want my weapon.

Not so sure they’d try harder if people stopped paying money. They may rather let it all burn to the ground than to work with and for the players.

There’s an issue with the company’s attitude towards their players and their product.

Not sure that can be fixed by withdrawing money. That may get them to push new content and monetization even harder, and may end in making stuff not just paygated but actually paywalled (like a few weapons already are).

Not saying anyone has to support the game financially. But the constant shaming of people who do is getting old.


Have you tried submitting a ticket? Cause the mods are in Canada and have different timezones than most players in the forums.


But that will not do anything other than what I did already. It’s a global problem/bug so needs to be globally fixed.

They set the release date of the weapon to December 12 when it should have been November 28.

I’m sure that @Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan will report it once they’re at work.

They badly need someone who checks that stuff thoroughly.


5th at least (see my post above)! And those are just what I saw from a quick search. How many campaigns have there been again? :sweat_smile:


Same issue here, good to know its because of the “release date” and not some other major glitch. Should be easy to fix with a few keystrokes - assuming someone actually cares enough to do so.

Nicely gifted wrapped on the 12th.

Wow really? And why do you do this to everyone? Why couldn’t the campaign just start on 12/12/2022?

Thank you for keeping count. Seems accurate or close enough.

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it’s not me that does that, I’m just pointing out why it happens.

Cheers, Gary.


Hey all,

@OminousGMan grabbed these reports first thing this morning and the team is looking into it!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Oh ok thanks.

A repeat issue for something that is purchased. No indication when you buy it that you wont get it on time.

They were “looking into it” last time as well.

What does looking into it mean? Clearly around here it doesn’t mean a fix incoming…

Edit: just saw that update from awhile back. They got ahead because they paid you money. Literally why you sell the pass. You want the money then want people to wait?

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