Refund please

I bought the Campaign Pass with the expectation of Receiving this weapon on 11/28/22. If I don’t receive the weapon by midnight then please refund my account. If you can’t be responsible for your employees mistakes like a real business then you shouldn’t allow things to be purchased like a real business.

Actual bug report has already been submitted:


Just posted an updated in the initial thread;

Your company doesn’t prioritize fixes that are purchase related. You only prioritize fixes that cost the company money. Please refund my account otherwise I’ll be reporting this purchase as fraud to my bank.

Digital purchases for digital goods abide by the same laws as physical goods. Your product was supposed to arrive to me yesterday. Since there’s nothing shipping related there’s zero excuses for it not arriving on time.


Everyone who bought a campaign pass but didn’t get one should get a refund.
Offering a compensation only would be unacceptable because this is not the first time this has occurred.

Refund everyone’s money to demonstrate to everybody who ever committed this error that your business won’t accept errors and to reassure the customer that they will receive what they ordered or their money back.


Another shameful thing to the whole situation is how this is adressed in the other thread:

Not a single word really indicating you all realising that you messed up and as a company are able to really adress it like this. Might I remind you that related situations happened in previous campaigns…
At least @Kafka normally apologizes for messing up things if at fault or even if others of your company messed up. Sure, after a while and countless mistakes and sorrys it gets more and more meaningless due to inflationary use and with next to no follow-ups eventually it becomes more and more worthless, but handled like this right here it feels just like:

“meh, we don’t really care. if the fix only is provided in two weeks from now we still don’t care. thx for your money though, keep spending!”

…then at least admit it is like this and we can all move on. Or would it really break a prong out of your paper burger king crowns to just straight admit a mistake?

Instead “you’re looking into it” (and how you all can maybe wiggle yourself out of the situation?) And then you try and explain to us that affected players (meaining: everyone that bought and played campaign already) - I wonder how many people that is? - unlocked the weapon so it isn’t lost, you just have to “release” it to us which could take at least 24h because “end of work” got prioritized over the paying customers. Awesome.

A promised item that players paid for wasn’t provided in time. That is the bottom line.

Just (maybe) “fixing stuff” with a more than comfortable time period on your end that still has to be fulfilled at this point seems “not enough” here. Horrendous…

Lets see if this posting will get deleted… Better mek a sgreenshodd…


As predicted, lets see how long it’ll actually take (this time). What a clownfest :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

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