First week away from top 10 guild in GW

This is not another ‘I hate GW’ thread.

Thanks to Gilgamesh who invited me into Dominant, I’ve had my first week away from fighting for top 5.

Every day fighting the GW battles against lower level guilds in the brackets where it doesn’t matter if you place first because everyone gets the same prize has been a great day of breezy wins similar to picking easy opponents in PvP.

I wanted to post this here because I feel like if you are still in the ‘GW=Grief’ camp, you should find a guild like Dominant where the level1000+ people are hiding and doing what they used to do - playing the game the way they like it. We finished nine legendary tasks this week so its not like I’m missing out on the rewards.

My hope is that people who love guild wars will stick in the guild wars guilds and the people who don’t will come down a few notches where the losses don’t matter because half the guild isn’t participating anyway. We could use more heavy hitters and maybe we’ll get 10+ legendary tasks a week, which is actually more than I was averaging in Dragon’s Peak. (Some weeks we did really well but since GW we did a lot less LT in DP)


I’m really glad your enjoying the change of pace with us. Its certainly been an off week with losses of consistent contributors due to personal issues involving people passing away, increase in work load, a couple on vacation, a couple that may have quit the game entirely. But it is what it is. Life goes on even in a casual game and we will recover. Average contributions on week are still over 500t even with a net -25% from the previous weeks totals. Me and my wife personally are down a combined 1500t from last week. I think this time of year adds to the fluctuations at least when the weathers nice. I appreciate everyone that’s taken part in making this a great guild and among the top as far as productivity goes. It makes the game enjoyable to play with people that are so easy going and do their part week in and week out.


Just posting a link to the recruitment thread in case anyone wants to try out a guild that doesn’t need GW.