Fiara's Family is Searching for Family Members 😘 Flame (29/30), Fury (29/30), Fervor (30/30)


We still have 1 spot open for Fury!
Looking for a high performing individual to join the family :grinning:


@Fiara, I am afraid I don’t think I am cut out for Fury due to my playtime :slight_smile: Thanks anyway.


Did you read the message i sent you yesterday :blush:


Fury is waiting for you :kissing_heart:


We have a spot in Fury and 2 spots in Fervor :blush:


We have 2 spots in Fury :heart:


We have 1 spot in Fury :kissing_heart:


We have 1 spot in Fury and 1 spot in Fervor :purple_heart: :blue_heart:


We have 1 spot in Flame and Fury!
Come join us and complete the invasion event together :blush:


I am level 422. I play on mobile. I do 1500 guild seals weekly (not on day1 but somewhere during the week). I should have all kingdoms on level 10 within two weeks time and I am eager to donate to the guild. I am active in guild wars.

Preferably looking for a guild that doesn’t require discord, but I can eventually download it if it’s a must.

I would expect from guild to make all weekly rewards and maxed chests. It would be nice if I could learn a thing or two about gameplay and strategy from teammates, because I feel like I am still new to the game.

Do you think we are match for each other? :slight_smile:


We have 1 spot each in Flame :fire: Fury :purple_heart: and Fervor :blue_heart:

Inquire us today :laughing:


Hi, I’m a new player (lvl 50) but have been playing multiple times daily and am doing lots of research to maximize my efficiency in this game. I’m still upgrading my kingdoms so I wouldn’t be able to donate gold but I did collect 1500 seals this week for the random guild that I joined. Let me know if you think I would fit in to any of the 3 guilds


Hi abzntmind3d,

Thanks for showing interest.
We are searching for someone with a little more experience with some amount of kingdoms levelled.
We’ll keep you in mind if you would like to join the family in future :blush:


We have 1 spot in Fury and 2 spots in Fervor :heart_eyes:
Join the family to mark your first tower of doom event with us!


Hi I’ve been playing for a week and I love the game. Been watching tons of vids and trying to be the best I can be. I’m at level 124 at the moment. Wondering if there are still openings in our guilds. Cheers.


We have 1 open spot in Flame :fire: and 1 spot in Fervor :blue_heart:
Join us today :wink:


We have 1 spot in Flame! :fire: and Fervor :blue_heart:


We have 1 open spot in Fervor :blue_heart:
Inquire today!


We have 1 spot in Fury :muscle: and Fervor :blue_heart:.
Come join us today!


We have one opening for Fury :muscle:
Join our family of friendly and laid back members and reap the rewards together!