Fiara's Family is Searching for Family Members 😘 Flame (29/30), Fury (29/30), Fervor (30/30)


We have 1 spot in Flame :fire:
If you’re a high performer who likes events and do things at your own pace give us a shout.


We have an opening in each guild which gives you a chance to pick one to your playstyle :laughing:
Join us today for guild wars next week!


We have 2 spots in Fury :muscle: and 1 spot in Fervor :blue_heart:
Come join us and share the fun!


My brother and I are looking to join a new guild, and Fury seems like a fine place. Do you still have room for us?


Hi Alphonse!
Yes we do.
Can you just give me a little more details on you and your brother?
Kingdom status, levels and your weekly achievements?

Also for your reference we are changing the requirements from next week so it will be

500k Gold, 1200 Seals, Guild Event participation (free sigils only) and Guild Wars.



Sure thing! I’m level 1059 and he is 1159. Both of us have all kingdoms at level 10. I think he’s working on power levels around 6, whereas I’m still trying to push all of them from 2 to 4. We both hit 1500 seals every week, usually by Wednesday or so, donate 500k-1M gold, and get between 200-350 trophies. We do all of the guild events; this week he was 30/0 as our guild’s paragon, and I’m finishing mine now but am at 25/1 as champion.


I left you a private message with couple of instructions Alphonse.
Please have a read through and hope to work together soon!


We have 1 spot in Flame :fire: and 1 spot in Fury :muscle:
Join our fun and wonderful family today.