Fiara's Family is Searching for Family Members 😘 Flame (29/30), Fury (29/30), Fervor (30/30)


We have 2 spots open in Fervor!
Come check us out and be part of the family :wink:


We have one open position in Fury for reset :kissing_heart:


We have 1 opening in our mother guild Flame.
Come join us today :kissing_heart:


Do you still have a space in Fury, or did that get filled? I’m still levelling kingdoms (halfway), but am quite active (from last week):


Hi Sanka,
All guilds are full at the moment but if you want me to i can flash by your profile to the gm of Fury for openings in future?


We have 1 opening in Flame and 1 opening in Fervor :kissing_heart:
Join our fun and laid back bunch today!


We are still open for new family members :wink:
Inquire us today!


We have 1 spot open in Flame :blush:


Still waiting 1 family member for Flame :heart:


We have one spot still open for Flame!
Come join us for the fun :wink:


Still one spot in Flame.
If you have a casual heart but yearn for high performance this is the perfect guild for you :heart:


Flame has an open spot for the right person :wink:
Be part of our wonderful family today!


Flame still has one opening :blush:
Come join us!


105, still leveling kingdoms, frequent player and contributor. Was stuck leveling everything by myself in dead guild so figured I’d give this a shot


We have a number of spots available across the guilds.

Feel free to inquire today :heart_eyes:


We still have openings in Flame and Fury each :blush:
Come join the family with bundles of fun


still open for flame?


Hi Annazilla,
Are all your kingdoms upgraded?
What do you do on a standard week (Gold, seals and trophies)?


all kingdom level 10, I’m level 1000+
however I don’t track my golds or trophies, but I can get to tier 1 PvP in a day or two and I can reach 1500.


Hi Fiara,

Are there still openings in Flame or Fervor?

Lvl 516, 1500 seals, around 200 trophies weekly, all kingdoms @ lvl 10, guild wars, but a grownup with a full time job, so sometimes I don’t reach 1500 until the weekend :wink: