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Festival of the Sun

What Fleg said. ^


decisions… decisions…


Oooh, do Cat Sith’s Cave!


Couldn’t find this anywhere in the event itself: surely it wasn’t important enough to include in the UI somewhere?

Maybe I’m just bad at finding it, and the info is actually clearly stated: either way I guess I’ll be having to inform my guild about it.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


Are there any tokens in the shop purchases? I’m not seeing any listed, just some text about them.

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Heads up everyone,

There’s currently an issue with the Festival of The Sun Leaderboard, it’s currently showing Guilds however this is an individual event. The fix for the leaderboard to make it a Leaderboard of Individual players will go out shortly.


Yes, there are tokens in the shop, as listed under the tier name.

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But I like it as guild based :frowning:

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Dang, right you are. I need a coffee. :sleeping:

Only the battle I finish changes each time. The other 4 are forever level 10 cat battles. Think I’ll stop until this gets fixed.

That might actually be intentional.

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Yeah, I’m not going to start the event until we get confirmation either way. Thanks @Sossitch

The 5 battles are static. The levels are global as well for each version.

So when you get to 5 cat sith, if you take the lowest leveled 1, it increases to the new highest level next cat sith you get.

@Smash @covertmuffin123 @Fourdottwoone @Sossitch This is consistent with how Council of Chiefs worked and thus is likely “working as intended”.


So far, it seems fairly equal actually. This is my cat sith level. I have 1 LG at ~200 though lol

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So basically everyone is going to end up with 5 cat sith on the map at some point? Then just keep choosing the same battle over and over hoping it changes to a legendary battle?

How exciting :roll_eyes:


I’ll keep a purple on the board just to spite that logic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why I’m here though.
Is a Mythic Rarity possible?
And have the portal reward points needed changed at all?

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That is exactly my starting board too. Exactly.


No its not.
The points are different from last event yes.

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At least the points needed for stage rewards are round numbers this time.