Feeling like "losing" about a million gold with 1.0.7 update


I am waiting for the 1.0.7 update in the iOS like most of you and cannot wait to try it out. Thank you for the good work devs!

However, I have a feeling that I lose about a million of gold with 1.0.7 update. I have about 50k souls and was to invest them into some troops so that some of my kingdoms can reach Level 10. I was waiting for the date of the release of the new expansion, and I would upgrade troops before the release. However, 1.0.7 is suddenly implemented without any announcement of date. I checked the blog and forum frequently and did not see any such announcement. I knew I was screwed :anguished: the moment I saw the server was in maintenance. Now in 1.0.7, I have to pay about a million gold to make those kingdoms level 10. I wouldn’t need to pay any single gold if I had upgraded them before 1.0.7.

I know this is only complaint and maybe nobody will care about it. I just hope that devs can provide announcement of the date of new version in the future so that we can prepare for it. Any players have the same situation like me?

(sorry for my English)


My post is not about support. I “lose” gold only because of the change of the way kingdoms are leveled.


I feel with you. There should have been a warning. At least they could have told us that preview #2 was the last preview.

But i’m starting to think that this has been done on purpose. It’s a dirty trick.


Do you want me to move the post somewhere else?


Thank you :smile: I found that I can also change the category. I move it to “game chat” and changed the title so that it looks less like a support thread.


Like I said in another thread, I don’t think an exact date or time can be provided since they don’t know when Apple will approve the update. Once it’s approved, the update has gotta go so everyone will be in sync on all platforms.


No, not our style at all.
And I think history proves that trying to trick gamers is a bad idea! :wink: We’re all a bit too savvy for that.

We’d been giving the previews and had hoped that people WOULD spend their Souls when they read them actually.
Unfortunately, with scheduling things like updates, we’re often the last people to know… Apple gives the approval, and the build goes live asap. We had no idea until a short time before the update that we’d be going live today, I actually thought it would be next week.


I thought it was something like that :frowning:


Well at least I managed to spend some 20.000 souls last night to level Karakoth to level 9. Was hoping to spend the remaining 30.000 on one or two others… oh well.


Here’s a thought…

You know what we could do… if anybody wants to use up their souls levelling troops, and then contact support and let them know what they’ve done, we can run the update for you again, and your cities will gain levels as if those souls were used before 1.0.7. WARNING: You would lose any city levels you’d paid for since 1.0.7 though.

What do you think about 1.0.7? ;)

Oh that is very very kind of you guys! I will spend all my keys tonight and enchant like crazy, then buff up the rest of my kingdoms and see how far I can get. Thnx @Sirrian!


Thank You that is very generous! I was sitting on close to 10,000 souls awaiting the “proper” troops to drop from keys to complete kingdoms. I’ll send a ticket this evening when I’m home with the troops I leveled to 15.

Maybe consider keeping the old leveling system in combination with the gold kingdom leveling system? Best of both worlds.


That’s great I will be leveling up as well


Initially i had the same thought. But you do know that it cost about 2200-3500 souls to level a troop to lvl15 and that only gives you 1 level. Unless you have tons of souls, 8 troops of 1 kingdoms ~ 20k souls, or all your kingdoms are alredy close to level 10 it’s not gonna change much.

THE INITIAL LEVELS of kingdoms are cheap,it’s the later levels that cost ALOT! I should have noted the amounts per level. It costs me around 50k to go from 1 to 8. To get to lvl9 it’s 30k and most probably 40-50k to get to 10.

So basically you’re spending alots of sould for the cheap intial levels. Unless you’re already close to 10, then it’s not a good idea to waste all the souls.


10 = 40
9 = 30
8 = 22
7 = 15
6 = 12
5 = 10
4 = 8

I’m pretty sure that’s right, Im going off memory from buying karakoth to level 10.


I’ll be doing a big spend of souls and sending a support ticket - thanks!


All Kingdom leveling costs.

Level 0 > 1 = ??? Gold (Don’t know because I already finished all campaigns before patch.)
Level 1 > 2 = 500 Gold
Level 2 > 3 = 1,000 Gold
Level 3 > 4 = 2,000 Gold
Level 4 > 5 = 4,000 Gold
Level 5 > 6 = 8,000 Gold
Level 6 > 7 = 15,000 Gold
Level 7 > 8 = 22,000 Gold
Level 8 > 9 = 30,000 Gold
Level 9 > 10 = 40,000 Gold


@Zelfore You default to Kingdom level 1 even where you haven’t finished the quests.


Level 1>10 = 122,500 Gold.

I note that over half of the gold cost in getting to 10 is in the last two levels.


I have the same issue as OP, have a ton of souls, even more in potential disenchants. And didn;t spend it “in time”.
I read the preview, and 1) it did not imply this outcome, 2) did not imply the update falls within days.

The main problem with new system is in two elements:
1: it gives bonus only at lev 10. Old gave bonuses at low levels too.
2: the upgrade gold cost is progressive and seriously so. Old system gave levels for the same soul costs independently which step you took.

None of those changes was mentioned in the preview. In the old system you could do it sensibly, just level what you used, maybe with small amount of extras at key points.

With the conversion as it happened if we take 2 players with same number, say 24 of L15 troops, the one who spread it around all kingdoms got the 2 first levels at 1-2k for toal around 30k. The other who used it in 3 kingdoms sending them to 10 gets around 300k. that is 10 times difference or 270k gold that is a serious sum. And game-wise the first one did the more sensible thing.

Also the first one lost all the bonuses till he can summon enough gold to level at least one kingdom.

The kingdom leveling cost could be flat and bonuses could be based on the level total (the type taken from the most leveled ones) – that system would be way more fair. Even more so if you kept the troop-to-15 thing provide a kingdom level for some limited time period.