Faunessa help needed


I want to set up an invasion team using Faunessa and themed as “Mischief”. Basically I always love giggling/laughter sound effects, so I need to use Faunessa :smile:
Anyone got any bright ideas how to make her viable and fun?


Try this:
All wildfolk

Satyr - extra turn goodness
Ragnagord - mana fill help
Faunessa - should be great on higher tier diff
Shadow hunter - should be great on higher tier diff

4x wildfolk bonus and 2x pans vale bonus, all colors.


I haven’t tested it yet, but I thought about combining her with Sylvasi.


Shadow Hunter… Where are youuuuuuuuuuu…!


I run her, first in order, with:
Fenrir - Extra Attack and healing.

I use the Whitehelm banner to charge her super fast.


I have her with Sylvasi, Keghammer and Alchemist right now. Problem with Sylvasi is that he reduces attack (by a lot), weakening Faunessa’s ability considerably.


Did you try my suggestion?


Tried both suggested line-ups. They both seem fun.
Tried yours again Krammaster’s Webspinner+2xHobgoblin defnse and did well.


Machiknight - I tried your suggestion out of curiosity and now I’m having so much fun with it that I made it one of my 17 permanent teams. I’m lev 892 and still having a blast making different teams for pvp challenges - especially since 1.07, so thanks for this one m8 :wink:


I used all of the damage based off enemy stats troops, which happen to all be Wildfolk:

Blade Dancer
Shadow Hunter

2x Pans vale bonus, 4x Wildfolk bonus, and Divinion banner for +1 purple/yellow.

In match, I start by casting Blade Dancer a couple times to remove all the enemy armor. Then, I cast Shadow Hunter a couple times to snipe their highest life troops. Then, I finish the rest off with Faunessa.


But you have to keep Blade Dancer and Shadow Hunter filled up after a while to fill up Faunessa?


They fill up fairly quickly at 11 and 13 mana cost. After I cast Blade Dancer twice, he is expendable. That’s why I put him in the front to take skulls.


True enough. I’ll try it out when I get to play later on.

Got my new PC in last night and will have to spend a lot of time setting things up…


I’m just learning the different line ups… I didn’t even know it made a difference until a week ago lol
I kept wondering why others had bonus stats, until I looked it up. Now, how do I find out the line ups? I have legendary grog-Nak and the shield guy that gives shield and it adds more by purples on board.
I know I know… noob. But I am in love with this game.


Yer welcome bud! Like the other guy said you could sub in blade dancer for satyr, I didn’t initially because I wanted super cheap.

I’m loving building teams in .07 also!


Have a look here:


I ran a cheap and effective build comsisting of:

A hero with some kind of brown weapon

Under a Yellow / Purple banner so Faunessa recharges after 2 matches. So does goblin. Use Raven only to finish off wounded opponents, so he recharges after 1 match once he gets going.


Raven… I keep forgetting he exists. Kinda like Tau.


I tried the blade dancer line up but for me the original is best. Satyr fills quickly and attacks from the rear (ooh err ) and Faunessa at the front end often finishes off the enemy team with 40-50+ life still in hand and the rest of the troops alive. I also find this line up much quicker which is useful since I have the attention span of a gnat :slight_smile:


Currently running around with Silent One/Satyr/Ragnagord/Faunessa. Not my favourite Faunessa line-up though.