Faunessa help needed


@esslee have you tried a setup with faunessa and lamia? They both cost 9 which is pretty cool.

I havent figured out a great working one yet…


It’s a shame Hunter’s Mark doesn’t appear to boost Faunessa and Lamia. Otherwise, I would go with:

Hero(Mountian Crusher) or (Boom-Boom?)
Dire Wolf

Even still, the Wolf would boost the damage of skulls destroyed by Mountain Crusher.


@machiknight - I’m super happy with your original line up - 100% wins when using her so far and I’ve played that team a lot. Only difference is that I have troops in a different order to what you posted ie
Shadow Hunter

Since Faunessa gains 5 life every use and is super quick to fill ( generally a couple of times at least before using Ranagord) I have her at the top and she finishes games with quite a lot of life usually.
Its especially a giggle using her against Mang, Aborath or Gloomleaf teams. Just wait for their first fill up then whack 'em…heh heh.


Yup :smile:
Doubly so with Aborath, as you may end up with more damage than he healed.