Falling skulls and others surges

hello all.
I post here cuz i tried to advice the cfacebook community manager but he send here so i do.
There is big probleme with the rate of the falling down skulls ; i explain
in real life i m supply chain assistant so i know about rate and ratio.
so i did some sample of system and this is interesting :

  • for 500 match 3, 4 or 5, chance rate to make appear a skull line falling down : - for player is less than 40 %.
    - against player is more than 65 %
  • for 500 match 3,4 or 5 , mana surge rate : - for player is less than 45 %
    - against player is more than 70 %
    So i think that’s unbalanced the game
    Plaese chack it and fix it cuz that’s very unfair.
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In PVP? You were rank 1 when you did your stats?

Also were these after normal matches? or after using an explode gems spell? Also it can help to know which platform you’re on.

Also mana surge rates are based on your mana mastery. I believe this applies to both player and AI opponent, so a difference there is normal. Also I believe Mana Surges are guaranteed on 5-matches.

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nop that samples are only takes on normal switchs and was make only in non pvp batles.
But i could to do the same for pvp, that was interesting too i guess.