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Fallen Intelligence World Event

Summarized in one SS

Some thoughts after basically feeling obligated to finish the match due to the design of a guild event where Tier 7 is required by all to close all the portals.

A. Whoever decided to put Egg Thief in the 4th position despite it being a dragon type themed room during an event where an AOE damage option doesn’t exist… You are the Covid 19 of developers.

B. If there’s a cap in how many times you can kill the AI…or it can kill you. It should mean something. Like first side to 60 automatically wins the match.
20 minutes into the match I had already hit the 60 cap.

C. My Ring of Wonder runs out in 12 days. I won’t be resubscribing 100% due to this match.

D. 90% sure this match would of been done within 5 minutes if Warhawk actually worked as described.

E. Summoners shouldn’t have respawn traits.

F = The grade I give this event. My player experience since 4.7. And clearly the amount of “:man_shrugging:@Sirrian gives about his once great game anymore. It’s hard for me to believe he would ever let a player experience something like this under his actual supervision.


@awryan, you’re probably one of the few people that have some merit about the feedback.

I won’t be doing the World Event, and most people will only buy Tier III or Tier IV. That’s it.
One of the reasons is also that all of us would have to buy all VII Tiers, again!

The people behind this game clearly have no idea how the game is supposed to work to be both pleasurable and interesting.

There appears to be no other interest either as long as the money flows in.


I keep saying “its the publishers” but there are certain aspects of how things are falling apart that just aren’t possible without the devs’ input. I’m waiting for 5.0 to disappoint me and that’ll be the last of it. Unless it doesn’t. Win-win scenario for me really.


If there is one positive thing that I can say about the current event (and World Events in general), it’s that I’m impressed by just how much suckage the devs have managed to pack into a single event.

Frankly, it’s a model of suckage ingenuity and efficiency, and the devs should be both cursed and commended for it.


I think in this instance, it was more your team choice that poor design.

I bought t6 in the world event, finished all sigils and it took a little longer than this 1 fight took you, not because Im better at the game, but I went a different team route and focused more on stun, which removes stealthy, than straight up damage.

Based on you seeing one fourth of my team. Makes sense. 🤦

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Based on the screen shot above its


But please, tell me more about how I dont know what you are using.

I stand by my statement. If you had picked a different team, you would not have had this issue. It is not a poor design decision by devs, its a poor team decision by a player.

I summoned all those Warhawks.
That is obviously not the team I started with. Or if not obvious, then at the very least no one should assume to know what I started out with based on that SS.
And I came into the match thinking at that point that Warhawks got extra turns when a troop is hunters marked.

But I guess the text of the troop being misleading is my fault as well. Weird.

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If you have an issue with the troop and the spell not working, make a thread reporting it as a bug.

Dont hide is as an issue in a thread bitching about an event that is taking too long per fight.

Again, you made your team, it got beaten to the point of summoning a bunch of other troops, according to you. Again, your fault for picking the team YOU used.

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I did.

I didn’t.
I made a thread that was both feedback (bitching as you put it) about ONE FIGHT. In addition to a feature request. Whichever side that kills 60 opponents first should automatically win the match. Otherwise what the hell is the point of the 60 cap??

I won the match thank you.
I don’t think I ever said that someone else picked the team for me?
I’m just saying it’s a really big reach to come in here and assume that I didn’t use a stunner on my team when all you have to go off is a SS at the end of the match. The end can’t possibly tell you the whole story. So your opinion is based on ignorance. And sounds a bit like “blame the victim” talk. Which makes me sick to my stomach.


Let’s break down your points one by one and see who is truly at fault.

A. This was 100% the players fault, not the devs fault. Sure this could be annoying but you have multiple offensive tactics to take out that egg thief. First is khorvash, and many teams I’ve seen have been using multiple of them. Second is lion and tiger weapon which will bring that troop to the front and stun it for good measure. You made either a poor team composition choice for that match, or failed to win fast enough and got caught into a bad situation.

B. This is why there is a retreat button. Unfortunately this is just the nature of the beast in some matches. Orbweaver spiders and bandits are designed specifically to make matches longer. Sure you can win eventually and but is it worth the time and effort? For you it was worth getting a win cause it would cost a sigil, but in the end it’s just a sigil, not the end of the world. Again, a player choice to suffer the long battle, but I can see your point here more than some of your others.

C. And THIS was your breaking point? How honorable of you to make a stand on a clearly avoidable battle with mostly user errors and misreading.

D. You read and understood warhawk incorrectly. Seemed pretty obvious to me you do damage to an enemy and only get the extra turn when that hit enemy has hunters mark. I can see how this could be slightly misleading, but only slightly, not life altering.

E. I can get behind this change. It’s never been an issue that I’ve seen but that doesn’t mean it’s not a potential bastard of a trait, so I agree with this one.

F. The grade i give this complaint.

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  1. how exactly do you use Lion and Tiger on a stealth troop?!
  2. How about those players that don’t even have a single copy of Khorvash?
  3. How fair is it for the devs to restrict things to the point you HAVE to use one SPECIFIC troop to be able to get past some of these annoying battles? Plus, let’s not forget Khorvash stuns randomly, so if you have bad luck/RNG… The other option would be using a Warpriest, which is also random.

Also, let’s not forget that at low levels, battles are fast and easy to finish. At high levels, though, things dramatically change.

So yeah, I can totally see @awryan’s point. I like challenges and I like putting together teams that can overcome those challenges.
What I don’t like is being forced to use ONE troop and pray to the gods of RNG for a good stun… That changes the challenge from creating a suitable team, which is related to my skills as a GoW player, into a session of prayers to RNGsus, which has nothing to do with my skills, or fun, for that part…


Warpriest. You’ll stun the Egg Thief eventually. At least faster than that.

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How exactly is that not a case of RNG? I clearly posted those things in context…
bottom line, the bottleneck is the stun - which is heavily RNG based…


Oh my God.
When the opponent is level 250+ it’s not uncommon to lose the first position troop such as EK due to skull Cascades. Can’t target Egg Thief with the lion weapon unless it’s already stunned.
In regards to your second point about bad situation. I never claimed otherwise. But that Weapon and troop wouldn’t of prevented that bad situation from happening again. For all you know, I used those troops.

3* Sigils during an event that required 30 members to buy Tier 7 at the time of my post yesterday.

Yeah because clearly they need the financial support. But I instantly lost the feeling guilty enough to donate charity. With the realization that the 60 death cap means absolutely nothing. (Hadn’t ever come up in 3 years). And knowing one of the designers wanted to be a dick and put Egg Thief in the 4th position during a high level event.

But you don’t get an extra turn if the troop dies. Which the devs agreed. Is a bug. They just haven’t got around to fixing it in 3 years.

Considering you agree with at least half my points. I’d say it gets a C at least.

But absolutely nothing is more meta than feedback about a players feedback. And grading it.
I give your complaint about my complaint a J… For juvenile at best.


If it kicks in while the hero is still alive. It’s not automatic.

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Is it still my fault if I used this exact team?

I mean Jesus dude… talk about Tuesday morning QB.
Just because nothing even close to my experience yesterday has clearly happened to any of you critics.
Doesn’t mean it CAN’T happen.
And if it did… I think you’d agree with my points. Rather than have zero empathy and just blame the player who literally has credentials about his team building. Not a brag I get to whip out a lot since it has zero impact in real life. But after the second person basically tells me my team choice is 100% the reason for the 50 minute match yesterday. I felt it was worth reminding some, and educating others about.


this game is based on RNG, you can counter it by many things, but if you get realy unlucky you’ll get screwed anyway, no matter how many counters you will use… it’s not a puzzle, that has it’s solution, sometimes is pure luck, or pure bad luck…

you should know it for some time already (with empowered converters in play in pvp and gw)

Except in a World Event that has restrictions on top of restrictions on top of restrictions.
The defense doesn’t need to be a softball.
But the main counter in the game for Stealth troops is AOE damage. So if they aren’t going to let the player have a single AoE option. Then stealth shouldn’t be allowed. Or at the very least, not a stealth summoner in the 4th position.

There are actual mechanics to help players when they experience “bad luck”. One of them should be an automatic win if you kill 60 of the AI in one battle. Or vise versa.

I’m not asking for the world here. Just some common sense changes.
Perhaps I’m being greedy to request that a bugged troop be fixed after 2.5 years. But hey… They have " feature requests" for a reason. :man_shrugging:

Man, so much to unpack about this thread. I can’t figure out which kind of derailment I want to go for.

(1) I could point out how GoW’s community attitude towards changes is very similar to how societal problems like systemic racism stick around. If you make any proposed change to GoW, people who haven’t posted in six months show up to tell you it’s always been this way, it can’t be changed, etc. Slowly it shifts to attacking the person. You aren’t good at the game, you should be happy with what you got, etc. In this story the community has this weird, cult-like loyalty to the devs and nobody’s supposed to question their design ever.

(2) I could point out it’s not really an AWR thread if he isn’t immediately derailed by some of the issues that are part of (1). New contributing issue: it’s weird to see the guy who spent a long time making his identity “I’m never paying for the game again until my demands are met” discuss the Ring of Wonder he bought despite demands not being met.

(3) But seriously world events are the laziest, most phoned-in waste of a good idea in the game. The restrictions? Sure. Interesting design space. But when I heard about “variable scoring” I was thinking more things like, “You get more rewards for a team with only Common Troops” or “bonus prizes for every troop less than 4 on your team”. “Randomized scoring” isn’t a mechanic. It’s the debug placeholder I’d put in while I worked on the other parts then come back to spend time on.