Faction troop in Legendary Task -- boo!

oml why would you suggest such a thing

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I think it’s a natural alternative conclusion to be drawn, and wanted my thoughts/feelings towards it to be known :stuck_out_tongue:.

To each their own I guess. I got infernus and ubastet from LTs when I needed them. That saved me 8k diamonds not having to craft them. Low value is the last thing that comes to mind when I think of LTs.

It’s a bag that has gold nuggets, diamonds, rotten eggs, and parasite-riddled manure inside of it. That you put your hand in and pulled out a gold nugget doesn’t make it “a great system”. It makes you lucky.

90% of the world’s problems involve people who mistake their luck for “the system works”.


I think that’s a really good point. I’ll take my gold nuggets and bow out.

Imo the delve troops are not even good enough to reliably use in the game mode they were created for…but the devs keep shoveling them down our throats. Im glad i have not seen them in an LT yet!

I got Xerodar today from another LT! What’s happening?!

I feel getting a Faction Legendary from an LT is a lot like getting Shade of Zorn by accidentally spending keys during his launch week – when I really needed Obsidius. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said, @Jonathan.

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So in the 13 days since I posted this, my Guild received three troops from Legendary tasks… AND ALL THREE OF THEM WERE FACTION TROOPS!

Maraji Queen, then Xerodar, then one of the others (I didn’t bother trying to remember which).

Of course, this could be completely down to chance, but I’m simply not buying it. The drop tables need to be checked, and frankly the Faction Legendaries need to be removed. It’s not rocket science; it’s common sense. :angry:


I would exclude the Underworld troops from the drop pool. Chaos Shards are there for a reason.

It’s working as intended:

Yes, it might feel like a kick into your lower body regions. It’s supposed to feel like a kick into your lower body regions though, Sirrian is said to have personally confirmed it in the bug report linked above. Please try to at least maintain a somewhat happy expression on your face while doubling over in pain. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



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Got my 5th Abynissia in a legendary task today :cry:

Not quite the same thing, but also frustrating. :heart:

Better than 1 gems and 1event with 700glory please I want my gold back :rofl:

We got ‘lucky’ by bagging the new legendary with only 50 keys (change key options please/nerf at once lol) only to get him again on our first or 2nd LT of the week on release day. Why is there no cool off like with post release appearance in glory/gem chests. Event keys are precious; we need a flexible approach to using them, like we have when buying the glory troop.

Well, with a non-Delve Legendary, I’m pretty keen to get 6 copies so I can get it to level 20 with a single Major Orb of Growth – gotta use 'em for something.

This week, our poor little guild that has scrimped and saved for the last three weeks (kind of kidding, Appeal to Emotion) has so far managed to complete 8 whole LTs!!!

Of those, 2 contained Legendary Troops, both of which were Faction Legendaries (Deep King, Xerodar). Boo!!!


On the one hand, it could be said we were lucky to have received so many Legendaries to begin with. On the other, I’d prefer that luck to feel more rewarding – otherwise you’re nibbling away at my psychological carrot.

Faction Troops are obtained via a completely different system to the rest of the Troops available in LTs, and shouldn’t be treated as equivalent in their rewards (Appeal to Logic).

This is also exacerbated by the increased availability of Chaos Shards for players of varying levels through the Adventure Board and Epic Tasks.


Whether or not it has been like this since the Underworld appeared has no bearing on whether or not it should continue to be so – from a logical perspective, anyway.

Of course, in light of LTs being gated by ~30 mil gold’s-worth of ETs because

, I can see why a proposal to increase the value of those Legendary Troops might be unlikely to happen (note that if you agree it IS an increase, you’ve also acknowledged the issue/reasoning :stuck_out_tongue:).


  • Since we don’t seem to have decided to remove LTs entirely, I think we should at least do them properly

  • With LTs being harder than ever to reach, it just feels like even more of an oversight for Faction Legendaries to continue to be included in the drop pool despite valid reasoning against it.


One of our members had to use 800 shards to get a Gobtruffle today. Had I known he needed one, I would have dropped 100 Million gold in Guild tasks and hoped to pull one that way. Oh, but I don’t have 100 M gold. I guess shards are the better method.

No way Faction troops should be in a LT; not prior to 4.7, and absolutely not after. And this is coming from a Guild that won’t smell a LT ever again. Allegedly.

Edit: If Faction troops and treasures aren’t available for crafting in the forge with Diamonds, then I think they should be excluded from a LT purchased with gold.


Agreed. Faction troops have no business being in LTs at all. We throw shards at them when factions are released to get them mythic so why would we want more of them from ANY other source? Guardian troops stay in guild chests and faction troops should stay within the portals. Our guild no longer reaches LTs but I would certainly be dischuffed if I got a faction troop. LT rewards following the 4.7 travesty should be weighted according to the grind involved. In other words they should be stellar.