Faction Expansion – All-Seeing Eye

Then there are MANY troops that can “help” in the delves, because there are many weapons that can summon a troop and you have to lose a troop though to be able to summon a new.

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My “treasure” room was almost exactly the same. Void Portal, Mech Gnome, Herald, Hoard Mimic.
So, ONE measly little gnome that gave ingots. And I’ll bet my shoes that the Hoard Mimic does’nt drop a copy of itself in Deep Delves. So I paid 10k gold for useless ingots.
Congrats Devs, you managed to screw players over again. Hope the satisfaction you get from that is worth all the animosity it brings.


I mean, I agree with you. I was just explaining their possible mindset. IP2 has not really been effective at end-game content.

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It’s utter insanity that the devs and QC people seem to not keep any sort of running procedural checklist which includes all locations of text or features in-game like Legendary Task drops that need to be updated every single time there is a new troop dropped or feature added. If they do, they sure don’t use it correctly.

Consistently time after time after time they are making the same mistakes over and over again without figuring out a surefire way to avoid them by this point. It’s not that hard, it just takes a bit of organization to say “When a new troop/weapon/pet drops, here are the things we ALWAYS need to check in-game to make sure the language is clear/matches the recent changes and the mcguffin shows up in the appropriate places at the appropriate time.” It’s frankly shocking how no one seems to have audited the backend process and addressed the huge volume of things that slip through as if someone is trying to keep it all in their head without having a set process.

I understand that putting out new content is a never-ending process that has tight time constraints, but plenty of work environments have similar constraints where this type of shoddy product wouldn’t be tolerated, especially by company management let alone the customers.


Okay, my first impression on the Deep Delve?

Totally NOT worth it!!!

I had a Hoard Mimic that got replaced by a Vault Gnome!
Really? Replace the best troop!?
All I got was 25 shards!

And a Deep Delve cost 2 sigils!

Either make a Deep Delve just got 1 sigil OR give some better rewards!

Right now there is no incentive to do a Deep Delve!

Totally Ridiculous as it is now.


Coming into this thread…


Haha, it’s rather disappointing that the “deep delve” only gives ordinary rewards. I was hoping for a new underworld exclusive gnome to drop writs/deeds/imperial deeds. That would justify the use of 2 sigils and 10k gold. But on the flip side, we did get potions in delves and I will give them credit for that.


What a huge missed opportunity. Big Sad. :frowning:


So, I delved a few at All-Seeing Eye, and enjoyed the new map. All About Rooms

Then, the map is back to the original at level 50?

Is that supposed to happen?

Yep. Only deep delves have the new map.

No one is enjoying this. It is a catastrophic failure on multiple levels, including these two blatant lies:

  1. In-game text claims the new troop can be earned from opening Chaos Portals with Chaos Shards, but this isn’t true. Only people who read the forum though will see that, where you say it will be available in Chaos Portals in 4 weeks.
  2. The new troop is yellow/brown. In-game text claims it is usable in the delve, but this isn’t true.
  3. I’ve purchased Tier VI. To get enough copies of this troop to get it to Mythic (level 20) I would need to buy Tier VII 11 times (2200 MORE gems than I’ve already spent!)

  4. Doing the “Deep Delve” cost me 10k gold. What I got from it: 30 chaos shards from a Daemon Gnome. and the “Extreme Greed” trait for future battles:

Absolutely worthless. I’d rather have my 10k gold back.


“We accidentally forgot to change/update the in-game text and explanations” stops being an excuse when it’s virtually every single time for years. I’d get fired from my job if I kept making the same mistakes ad nauseum without correcting them and learning from them.


Nope. My first 3 delves in today’s faction assault were with the new map.
They were not “deep”.

Really? Mine were normal.

Some kind of weird bug?

Oh, wait… My level 30 is new map as well. But my level 20 wasn’t. Huh…

Looks like they are chosen randomly: the old map or the new one.

The really sad thing is that this company’s incompetence is no longer a surprise; it is expected (especially for new things on a Friday when no one is around to address any issues).


What a mess this is. Deep Delve is pointless to pretty much all players. The rewards are simply not worth grinding through a level 500 delve and risking defeat when i can do 3 normal delves at level 50 and get same rewards but slightly reduced.

The new troop cannot be used in the delve which is a joke and the literature advises the troop can be obtained using shards which is misleading. There are going to be a lot of refund requests when people burn through their stash of shards only to realise they wasted them.

The game is supposed to be for end game players yet there is nothing for end game players here whatsoever. The only resources that are needed are a boatload of deeds, cursed runes and pets (for some people). This gives none and the resources given are just more crap we don’t need.

I stopped investing money in this game as the quality had dropped considerably in the last 12 months. Maybe its time to stop playing altogether,


This buy only with gems troop is off colour. Complete illustration of how inarticulate the devs are. Good lord!


My level 50 is old map now, too. Interesting.

No matter what, none is a deep delve so no gnome room. That would have been nice for the event.


Not Worth it besides getting the achievement. I got minor traitstones from the treasure room… REALLY!
very disappointed.