Faction events manipulation

hey these faction events are bogus, people have found a way to manipulate it byplaying the event but leaving before the boss and repeating the process over and over, i cant believe none of you has caught on about this and its a problem.and i suggest the harshest change and i know it will piss alot of people off but i dont care, something has to be done about it. my suggestion is the ones doing the event and want to rack up the points but stay at level 20 those doing so and quiting should lose all points earned during the matches unless the team is defeated, with a failsafe if they go all the way to boss room and decide to quit match that action would be counted as leaving and no points earned either,unless team is defeated. something has gotta be done about this, if you see the top players there is one who has 300.000 plus points but… at level 20… dont you see? id like to see people legitimatly earn those rewards than just manipulating the system, and keeping players from earning a chance at some top rewards

This is the design of the event.

If you beat the boss room, you get more points for that run, but the next run gets harder. You don’t get more points for raising the level. So let’s say you can get 7,000 points per run and it takes 10 minutes. (I don’t care about the real numbers, please don’t nitpick.) That’s 42,000 points per hour. But by the time you’ve raised the level to 100, it might be taking 20 minutes. Now it’s 21,000 points per hour. Every time you raise the level, you lose points per hour.

There’s another problem: once you reach a certain level, you can’t 100% beat the boss room. If you drop to 90%, then you start expecting 6,300 points per win. If it takes 20 minutes, that’s only 18,900 per hour and dwindling.

Alternatively, you can skip the boss room. Let’s say that drops you to 6,000 points. But since it doesn’t get harder, by the time you get to level 100, you still get 6,000 points per hour.

So those people who are at the top while at level 20? They’re at the top right now because they get more points per hour than people who are at a higher level. They can get points faster than anyone else. But they get fewer points per sigil.

Later in the day, you’ll see higher-level people start to ascend. They get more points per sigil, but less per hour. Since they are slower, they don’t show up until towards the end of the day.

In the end, the people who choose to stick at a lower level pay more gems to get to the top. That seems pretty fair.


Exactly this.

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Stop trying to rationalize the silliness that these faction events have become when repeated at level 20. It’s empowered troop + dawnbringer for instant room clear again and again. There is no strategy or challenge and at my level my troops can literally not lose.

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Yep, this is so much worse than allowing people to pay their way with gems to the top of the leaderboard like the others. /s


You don’t tell me how to post, mom.

You pay more gems to get to the top of the leaderboard than if you didn’t take this path. If you’re upset that there is no strategy or challenge, that is a choice you made and you do not have to look very far to find the person who can change it.

It’s like you baked a tray of 50 Bagel Bites, complained that you hate Bagel Bites, then ordered a case of more Bagel Bites.


I guess I look at Sirrian to change it? I’m not power orb event material, so I don’t plan on winning these, but I think delve level should play a part in scoring. Not sure what bagels have to do with anything, do you catch them on your horn?

For what it’s worth if the devs would feel inclined to change it they would surely have to find/make another gem sinks and them people would still complain that anything in this games costs gems irregardless if we can obtain such gems for free or not…

So maybe people would be better earning nearly zero gems for free and then we would have much less gem sinks and everything would be fine?

We can’t have the best of the two worlds and still expect this game to be alive for the next year or so.

I agree with this and I was surprised when I found it doesn’t. I don’t think the boss room should be the only bonus points you get for clearing a level. I think someone who pushes to 100 and then decides to start skipping the boss room should get more points than someone who stays at 20 forever. Then the “fun” of the event would be trying to find your sweet spot where you are maximizing points per sigil and points per unit time, and people who have upgraded hoards would have an inherent advantage.


There is a way to mitigate this minor point balance problem. After the calculation add a small amount of points for the Delve level, Perhaps a many as the level itself. Complete at lvl 500 get your score +500 extra. Complete a 20 get +20 on top of your score. Now players can grind away at lvl 20 but the lvl 500 will have a chance to win too.

Numbers used for ILLUSTRATION ONLY. They could be 10 @lvl20, 250 @lvl500… Or something else. The developers can look at the raw data and balance it.


I am pretty sure everyone has caught on.

This event has been cheesed, it’s true. I think the fix is to allow us to play lower levels if we choose. Rising up during the event makes the factions unplayable later.


A “cheesed” event would show level 20 players clearly dominant. However, as of this moment, only one level 20 player is dominating. They have a 30k point lead, but when I last checked this at the time of my last post it was a much bigger lead. That level 390 player is catching up, almost as if they’re getting more points per sigil more slowly than the level 20 player.

So I looked up data. Taran’s World has archives! Here’s what I think based on that, this is quicker than waiting until tonight.

  • It seems true that at least the 3 faction events I looked at have a high proportion of level 20-50 players in the top 5 and top 10.
  • Nobody seems to get far trying a low-level strategy in Invasions.
  • Raid Boss is also dominated by players who push as far as possible.

So yeah, in the face of data I think it’s fair to say this seems… wonky. The path to competing on the Delve loserboard involves spending gems on as many low-level runs as possible, and the extra points from beating the boss room don’t seem to matter at all.

(My guess for why it doesn’t look that way at this moment: once the low-level player has a sizable lead, they can go do something else. Then they can check in every now and then and, if their position has slipped, they can close that gap because they get more points/time than the higher-level player. It’d be interesting to see when the points are accrued, I bet the last hour involves a lot of loserboard churn.)

One simple solution is to scale points with delve level, just like every other events. But i think the devs like this model better because people who keep low delve level will have to pay a lot more gems to be on the leaderboard

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Some people grind out level 20 for leaderboard/rewards and that’s fine, but I’m willing to bet alot of folks grind out the quick class xp you can get from farming 8 rooms in 3 minutes. A spot on the leaderboard just happens to be a byproduct of that.


Either way you argue it I do not see the problem at all, it is up to the player to decide if they want more rewards or not, I normally spam 20 delves at level 20, then play a few for more rewards,


Hey if they want to drop a ludicrous amount of gems for a therefore-fictitious leaderboard position in order to get a reward that amounts to a dumb troop that has next to no combat value…

Isn’t that their problem?


You’ve just insulted about 80% of the regular posters in this forum :rofl:

Doesn’t make me wrong! Pretty sure its less than that…


We may as well just knock these events on the head then have an auction for an orb of power. After all that’s all that the leaderboards effectively are - those who have loads of gems buy loads of sigils & complete the easy delve over & over again. Those who don’t have enough gems for sigils don’t get near the top 10…

It is a dumb design but it is the design they intended so shrug.