Faction events manipulation


I made it to 35th last week (this this event previous weeks) faction event, and didnt farm level 20. Its entirely doable to get on the leaderboard.


It is a great design for people who dont want to spend 30 min per clear. And dont forget all the low levels, who cannot play in higher delve levels.
Everyone should decide for himself if he want to hit higher or not. After all there is a punishment for not clearing the boss room. I really cannot undertand that this is a problem for some people…


This could have been done by making lower levels available to play and slightly changing the way rewards are determined around that. Instead now players have to use a semi-exploitive tactic in nature by deliberately defaulting when they would easily beat the level.


Not everyone who sticks to level 20 is doing it for the leader board position - honestly, are any of the leader board rewards worth that much effort? I made the top 10 last event (on PS4) doing it legit, all for less gems than I spent and a major orb of chaos which turned out to be a major orb of growth. Hours of effort for 6000 or so orbs I could get in a fraction of the time with an orb farming team in explore? Not exactly a motivator!

I did one of the previous faction events keeping to level 20 in order to do every room easier and faster to maximise my shards so that I could gain useful treasures for my hoard. I would like to get a faction to maximum and with the need to do it with a pure faction team, the only way to make it a halfway fair fight is to increase stats through the hoard level. I’m trying with a Crypt Keeper team and with the way the AI gives mana to the opposition, after many repetitions of trying I’ve worked out I need at least +100 health to survive the one hit true damage of Spectral Knight and a similar addition to armour to survive the skull drop rain - even with this I will still need to be very very lucky for three games in a row. Without being able to ‘farm’ for shards, leveling the hoard will take a ridiculously long time. Even with farming it will still take a long long time (I collected stats from the last event on drops from shards if anyone is interested). With my three delves a day in a usual week I earn just enough shards to open 10 portals - yesterday I got 5 gold rings and a prince’s chalice and troops I’ve already mythic’d. That’s not enough to get even one level on the hoard and isn’t worth the high gold cost. It’s really only going to be doable with King’s Crowns and above and the rate of drops on them is very very very very very very low.

I agree that if you are going for the leader board, you should get a points reward for leveling up the delve - otherwise there isn’t really an incentive to do this, especially as you’ll play yourself out of the event and out of being able to do your daily delves as well.


If I may (from the Gems of War Support article on Faction Events, https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000360056-Faction-Events):

Not only are the devs aware, they are advertising is as a potential strategy. The article (part of the new Game Guide section of Support) also contains lots of other handy-dandy, useful information, so go check it out! :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:


This is now true :relaxed: