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Faction Connections

Does anyone know which faction links to Karakoth? Just upgraded my kingdom and looking to use my upgraded stats in delves.


I did ask Google specifically for this several times and got nothing. I guess because it’s not available currently. At least I dont have that faction available.

It’s really hard to find. That’s why I linked the thread where I couldn’t find it, either, to let you know you’re not/weren’t alone :joy:


Oh I see now. I though you were telling me it was easy to find searching the net ha ha. But ya thanks. Seeing as I wasted my purple deeds for a faction bonus I cant use lol.

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On the bright side you can update it to Level 15 for the permanent +1 Magic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t worry, Karakoth will come soon enough


Well actually out of deeds for that. Probably going to wait till I can access the faction before upgrading it anymore anyway.

Yeah at least I’m prepped for that. Months from now.

Hey so after looking at the 2 maps overlaid the factions are in the same spots as the kingdoms they are connected to. Go figure…

For the most part, yeah. In the early days no one was sure if that would be a good predictor or not, so the actual pairings were datamined by some kind soul whose name escapes me.

The chart hasn’t been wrong to-date, I’m pretty sure, though Werewoods was almost paired to Maugrim Woods (probably because none of those troops are poison-immune, and the devs wanted to nerf Scorpius farming, but that’s just cynical speculation on my part).

Sorry for the double-post, but I was asked for this again and again had trouble finding it, so now I’m going to try making a post with the search terms not-in-a-picture to (hopefully) make it easier:

Faction connected kingdom
Faction connections
Faction pair
Underworld pair
Faction counterpart
Underworld counterpart

Dark Court — Ghulvania
Dripping Caverns — Grosh Nak
Duergaroth — Karakoth
Fire Rift — Broken Spire
Hell Gate — Maugrim Woods
Indrajit’s Den — Pridelands
The Black Heart — Blackhawk
The Labyrinth — Wild Plains
Wyrmrun — Dragon’s Claw

Anyone else just realize there’s only 9 more? Less than a year, unless they stretch the schedule — so I wonder what we’ll get at that point? (Please an Overworld with a new mechanic and also mythics added to the chaos and/or “heaven” pools/portals in addition to the current mythic schedules of release :grin:)


I always just looked at your old post for the links lol.

But, Taransworld spoilers for Kingdoms now also shows the remaining 9 factions/links as well

Somehow, I get the feeling its going to get stretched to late November/early December.


Pfft, not really. They already won’t have a new faction until 8 Jan 2021, allegedly. Every 6 weeks, thx to this arena crap, we’re looking at 2022 for the Orc Faction.

I would love a new class weapon for blue that does 20 plus damage to all. And maybe make it Wargare or elemental here just something we don’t have a bonus for.

Thanks, that was an easy search. I thought I’d take a look at which kingdoms I can get to 14 ahead of time.

I do have 48 Purple Deeds, so Karagoth and Ghulvania aren’t a problem.

51 Brown Deeds will cover both Broken Spire and Blackhawk.

57 Green Deeds is more than enough to do the Maugrim Woods. I might even get Zaejin and Zhul’kari to 15.

Which leaves 36 for Pridelands and Dragon’s Claw. (Grosh-Nak has been at 15 since forever). I trust we’ll get 4 Red Deeds between now and whenever.

But it leaves me guessing why I’m still short on the Air Deeds. Are you players in the top guilds all at Kingdom Level 15 thanks to the Epic Tasks? Just curious.

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