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Exploders in raids are unreasonable

I can’t be the only one who is frustrated with this last week’s raid. Raids are a hassle enough with Zuul’Goth’s automatic kill ability, necessitating that you take him out ASAP, paired with his immunity to every status effect, mana drain, and all instant kill effects. But then for some reason they’ve decided, hey, this is a poison themed week. Lets put poison master in there. Except that poison master is an exploder, who can potentially fill Zuul’Goth more than halfway up in a single cast, and if that cast cascades you can get Zuul’Goth ready to fire in a matter of a couple turns with nothing you can do about it.

It is completely unreasonable to include Poison Master, or really any exploder in raid events. Since Zuul has all mana colors explosions give him far more mana from even small explosions than is reasonable to deal with. Especially in this week’s matches where you get teams like TWO poison masters, and a single other troop with purple as one of it’s colors so that Zuul gets half of all the mana generated by the explosions. Weeks with exploders in the event are VASTLY more difficult than weeks without them.

I think the limited troop choices also hurt.
I mean, you could stop a guy like poison Master by removing green gems, or using silence on him, or drain.
But the pirates just are not cut for this fight.

I’m guessing that the troop restrictions are a way to prevent you from forming a team of all event troops. But yeah, blackhawk’s troops are awful for this event too. There are so few decent troops, and many of their good troops are bad at raids. Blackhawk has no mythics, and BOTH of it’s only legendaries target the back row with instant death for their spell so they are rendered completely useless, leaving you to deal with a team consisting of only base purple rarity troops and lower.

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I found Scylla’s third trait to be useful when combined with Mang. Her spell was pretty much only used to pop a barrier or get Zuul into one-shot range of Kendraala. The instagib procced maybe twice for me over the entire weeklong event.

Troops should not scale up like Zuul’Goth.

But if you look at the leaderbaord, stats should show that the event is a success. So there is no way that devs change anything in this event…

Well, technically, the new rogue turned green to blue, but that really isn’t enough.

It’s not just exploders, but any good mana generators. Some weeks there isn’t a good mana generator in a kingdom, so you have to resort to a hero weapon as your mana generator. Raid boss, worst week of the rotation by far.

I still think it all comes back to the configuration of the battle makes the skull damage trait on Godslayers useless.

I wish they had any other third trait. Maybe variants of nice traits, but only work for bosses. Like:

  • Untouchable: Cannot be targeted by a Boss ability.
  • Infallible: Cannot receive a status effect from a boss ability.
  • Chosen: Cannot be instantly destroyed by a boss ability.

I’d even be fine with:

  • Driven: Deals 3x-5x skull damage, based on ascension, so long as a boss is present.

These ideas are designed so they only work in encounters with a boss. They’re very valuable in those encounters. Not so much outside, but that’s already how Godslayers work and we’ve made peace with that. More importantly, they work in scenarios that actually exist inside Raid Boss, not just “OK I killed all three minions but not Zuul’Goth.” Sure, they’re OP in dungeon. I don’t think dungeon is meant to be THAT challenging.


Why not make a button you can push that says you now own every troop, everything is accomplished, you have beaten everything, and you are the best?

Who are you responding to? No one in this thread was whiny or entitled. Or are you just recommending we get a button like that in earnest?

Every thread I read is complaints. About making stuff easier. This just happened to be the one I felt like posting it in after reading 3 topics on too hard or bitching about not being able to max out kingdoms, etc. I felt raid boss was fine. I did well and like the challenge. If everything was done for you it would be a stupid and boring game. If you don’t want an actual challenge then just play bejeweled.