Expecting an ID, not an event key

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I am expecting an imperial deed offer and never an event key (duh, power level 23 is mostly for end gamers. Who needs 1 event key in daily and arena offers if you are an end gamer?)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Daily and sometimes I get it 2x. So frustrating and INSULTING!!!. Who thought of this offer feels like it was never given any thought about it. The middle offer should be for kingdom progress as stated in your website. This statement is in conflict to be offered at power level 23.

Steps to make it happen again


This is apparently not a bug:

You got lucky War Coins offer.
More Warbands to come next update.

I don’t think they really “get” the utter frustration this combination of mechanics causes:

EDIT: For all of the points below “kingdom helper” is referred to as the type of offer being generated, ie, ANY of the offers that normally appears in slot 2 on daily offers intended specifically to help with kingdom progress that stop appearing when you have none left, not the specific offer “Kingdom Helper” that offers one event key and gold.

  1. If you are in a state where you are not eligible for ANY “kingdom helper” offers, no “kingdom helper” offer will ever generate, and instead you’ll get a random, different offer. This goes for both the guaranteed kingdom helper (slot 2 on daily offers) and arena offers (which is split about 50/50 between kindgom helper and general offer usually)
  2. There are a number of kingdom tasks which do not generate offers at all and are “safe” to leave and never generate “kingdom helper” tasks, thus allowing you to generate an offer in slot 2. For example, unlock all traits on x troops never generates and offer, nor does “level x troops to y” if EVERY eligible troop from that kingdom has been ascended high enough where it is possible for them to be leveled that far.
  3. There are some of kingdom tasks which generate completely unhelpful “kingdom helper” tasks, wherein the reward from them in no way pushes you toward your goal. This is one of them, apparently. Raise x troops to y elite level is another, because it generates offers for more copies of troops you haven’t hit that elite level with, as if elite level is just another ascension you can get with more troops.
  4. someone at the cutting edge of endgame can get stuck in a situation where they are continually offered unhelpful “kingdom helper” tasks. This would include every slot 2 on the daily offers (since this will ALWAYS generate a kingdom helper task if one is available, and naturally, only one would be available by this time)
  5. If said person is attempting to generate more general offers (which many endgamers in this situation do) through the use of Arena, about half their offers will be a not only unhelpful but frankly patently useless “kingdom helper” offer.
  6. If this person, through arbitrary and outside means, had this blocking offer completed, they wouldn’t have to deal with this. Meaning that this counterintuitive, unhelpful offer that you can “voluntarily” blunder into triggers for a subsection of the people at this level of progression and their “peers” get the benefit of more offer rolls than they do for the same amount of effort.

You can hopefully see how bad this is for people with a hardcore level of engagement. Even if you don’t, think about how this would feel if this is how you engaged with the game and the burnout inducing effects of being caught in this purgatory that you unknowingly but “voluntarily” put yourself into. Please recognize how bad this is when there is a simple solution on the table, without having to scan players inventories more OR generating additional appropriate offers.

This is constantly brought up as [Not a bug], but seriously, getting nearly half your offers banished to the void has to be considered… something, right? Like, even if you don’t have a better offer to give or you can’t do a more thoughourgh sweep of the target player’s collection, I have to ask why are these specific tasks generating helper offers at all, then?

The situations in question (that I am aware of so far):

  • raise x troops to y elite level (generates a troop collection offer for any troop that is ascended less than bronze elite). Yes, a medal offer here might be helpful, but if you don’t want to generate these as kingdom helpers, almost nobody would complain if this generated NO OFFER as to not block them being able to roll other offers here.
  • The one mentioned here: Level (this kingdom) to (any level ABOVE 10). For now, we can ignore the fact that the associated kingdom helper offer generated here (1 event key and some gold) is not particularly to even getting a kingdom to level 10 in the first place. Any kingdom level above 10 needs some measure of deeds as the primary bottleneck. It would make sense if these were deeds offers, but, if you don’t want deeds offers generating here, if the requirement is for the kingdom to be above 10, then this situation should generate NO OFFER as to not block them being able to roll general offers here instead.

TL;DR: Upgrade (kingdom) to (any level above 10) kingdom task should simply not have any associated kingdom helper offer. Upgrade (x) troops to elite level (y) should simply not have any associated kingdom helper offer. This would likely address the majority of the complaints from these.


Warbands? Who needs warbands? I don’t!

I get these offers because I don’t need it.

Kingdom helper is not helping. Kingdom helper is INSULTING. I have a complete number of troops in Leonis and all are at level 20. An event key offer means what? We need more than 1 copy of these mythics? I need 10k event keys offer.

Lol, Never had a warband offer.

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I didn’t have any since the day we got them from dailies. Need 5 more for the final warband.

Instead I get “amazing” ingot or Gaard medal offers. Or chaos shards - all the stuff I really absolutely don’t need. No idea if and how I can get rid of those.

Whoever came up with the offer system seemingly didn’t want us to spend gems and potentially need more of them.

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The same thing happened to me for a long time

Hey everyone,

I’ve moved this thread to the feedback section as it’s not a bug.

There are no Kingdom Helper Deals that have an Imperial Deeds in them.
In this case the game saw you needed to level up your Kingdom to progress to the next power level. This requires Gold and Deeds. As the Gold Deal is much more common than the Imperial Deed offer, the Gold Deed was shown to you in this case.

Feedback has already been passed onto the team about how much better it would be if the Daily Deals were more specific to what each player needs. This one is a bit of a special case just due to the rarity and high value of the Imperial Deeds but I will add it to the existing feedback about the Daily Deals.

OminousGMan - Team Support Human


Yes please have a review of the offers. 10k gold and 1 event key is an insulting offer. I am a multi millionaire in GoW. 10k gold will not do me any progress which is very much in conflict with the statement that it will help players with kingdom progress.


I totally agree. That “kingdom helper” with event keys isn’t helpful at all when all of your troops are at mythic, and only one event key makes it even more ridiculous. Deeds, especially imperial deeds are what end gamers are expecting to see, and can really help with kingdom power.

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