Excuse the brag, but


At 10 months and 27 days old…AWR is a Top 50 Guild!
I would like to personally thank all of you past and present members. It’s been amazing experience leading this machine and I’m honored to serve you as the GM. You all are absolutely amazing! :slight_smile:

Top 10 in 21 months
Be a player, not a customer?

Congrats, good job for everyone involved! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations and great job!


To do that takes a lot of skill and hard work so you definitely deserve a pat on the back! WTG


Mad props @awryan to you and your guild brudda!


Yes Ryan a big concratulations from me and my members from Impure for becoming one of the best 50 guilds!!!


Congratulations Achieving Top 50! :grinning:



Told you so. :smile:


Congrats @awryan and guild members.

As a side note, whenever I see your guild name I always think of this:



Congrats. I think you deserve to brag a little about that.


What? When?.. Even how maybe? Lol


Not my fault you never pay attention.


Lol… In all fairness… When I created the guild, I was too new and had no intention of others joining it.
Since then I’ve kind of adopted the IBM approach… And just call it AWR. Lol


Lol, no need for explanations here, my most liked comment here is how I originally named my character Dddd because I cba to think of a proper name and thought I could change it later!


I still miss the artist formerly known as Dddd!
I’ve learned to love WhiskeyJack, but Dddd will forever hold a special place in my :heart:! :wink: