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Exact Meaning of "Enraged"

“Enraged” on troops is defined as “Deal 1.5x attack damage and ignore enemy Traits. Ends after an attack”. So:

(1) If an attack would normally deal 24 damage to all enemies for example, would an attack from an enraged troop deal 36 damage to all troops?


(2) When “ignoring enemy Traits” does that include a troop whose Trait is “Stealthy” (Cannot be targeted by spells unless there are no other targets)?


(3) If traits are ignored - does that mean a Trait that reduces skull damage by X% gets that defensive trait reduced to Zero% when attacked by an enraged enemy?


(4) What does Gloom Leaf’s “Reflect 50% of skull damage” do if he is skull attacked by an Enraged troop? Does he reflect 50% of the INCREASED attack on him?

I can answer part of this Question (1 and 2).

Enraged affects an attack, which is matching skulls.

(1) Think you’re mistaking spell for skull/attack.

(2) Stealth only affects spell target. If a Stealthy target is in top slot it will still take damage from skulls.

Attack means hitting the front troop with a skull match. Yes, it would do 36 damage. No, it wouldn’t ever hit any other troops.

Technically yes, it doesn’t matter though, attacking never involves targeting.

Yes, the attack will do full damage (multiplied by 1.5).

I’ll have to pass on this one. My assumption is that all traits are treated as stunned for the duration of the attack, I’ve never tested the corner cases though.

Thank you. But if you see King Mikhail - Enraged extra damage absent - and clarification req’d it is implied there that Enraged refers to the Spell attack, not just a Skull attack. Hence I think it’s very unclear (to me) exactly what Enraged is supposed to do.

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It’s the other way around, the spell says it does extra damage to enraged targets.

Thank you. So Enraged only applies to the top level troop, specifically when doing skull damage. Clear now

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