Enough with the Treasure Maps!

Maybe we should have a poll here to see if people really want Treasure Hunt events to stop? :thinking:

Then again, majority of forum users are end gamey and would sway the vote I think…

We should carry on believing the devs that loads of players ‘enjoy’ doing TH then :laughing:

I don’t know when i play the last map for a map event… but it was over a year. Definitely. 10 turns for 1 point gosh no thanks.
The only reason to play a map is when its a daily task that can not be rerolled or rerolled to the same damn task.
Let it ingame for the people who like it. No reason to kill it completely. But please take down this boring map farm events.

When I first started playing I legitimately was making my boyfriend use glory to by treasure maps because I didn’t understand the rest of the game. So yes you are right, beginners like treasure maps. They are easy.


Graeme you’re right, but I remember I used to play Treasure hunt to gain some souls and other supplies, but that is indeed a long time ago.
So I would think it can stay since beginning players wil still do so.
Remember… when you’re just starting with the game every little bit helps… :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind playing them, but the rewards are pitiful. Either give the maps better amounts of resources so it is worth the time or let us trade in maps for an upgraded one that gives things to be excited about.


I like the second idea

There requests to retool the Treasure map system, PVP and Leaderboards are too numerous to count.

A more relevant statistic is the very rare official response from Gems of war staff in the “Feature Requests and Game Feedback threads”…

GoW Staff I know you all are busy but a response other than “we are looking into it”, “soon tm” or even better no response at all is appreciated.

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I agree with Claresaphire408
It’s a very good idea :ok_hand:

Tiers of treasure maps from the soul forge would be pretty nice. Spend 5 common maps and X souls to get a rare map. 5 rare maps and X souls for an ultra-rare. Etc etc for epic and legendary. Same way we do ingots. Then have the higher tier maps shift the rewards up by a factor 4 or so (so less rewards than using 5 of lower tier, but obviously 5 times faster). Combining 625 maps into a single map worth 256 times the reward for a single high stake game would be a rush.

With that in place it would open up the possibility of higher tier maps as random rewards. Getting very lucky and scoring a legendary level map randomly would be awesome, and you would certainly take your time playing it to get the most out of its 256x reward.


That would be absolutely amazing!

With my “pitiful rewards,” I’ve done this. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can take the title and can replace “Treasure Maps” with every other collectable ressource.

There is a time, where you have a overstock of everything. There are even times, where you will have all troops (+mythic-ascension). So would you complain about the keys you would receive on daily tasks?

Yes, treasure maps are useless after some time and probably the collectable, which turn out as useless as fastest.

But a easy solution would be, to make treasure hunts more valueable, so players can get rid of the maps with playing :sunglasses:

But it’s simply just the start of the chain, which makes it a bit obsolete to want any changes there.

Good amount of determination and that is a heck of an accomplishment! Still doesn’t change that treasure map rewards are sad though for the amount of time one would need to spend on them.

Except there is always a use for keys. New troops come out all the time which makes them always useful.

And for those of us with terrible luck, having more diamonds for soul forge would be great too.

Time for the way back machine. 3 Years ago Treasure Maps were decent when paired with endlessly repeating Daily Tasks. This was a few years prior to rolling them out on PC/Mobile and before the 3-4 repeated nerfs to Tasks with every update.

Nice, never knew that! Also kind of sad that the best way to use them involved ending the map as soon as possible though

This has been suggested before (over 3 years ago actually), so I wouldn’t hold out any hope on this ever happening at all, if I were you…

Treasure map bulk use option

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I used to be really into Treasure Hunt, so much that it really annoyed me not to be able to buy more than 5 maps at a time!

I popped by the forum for the first time in a while… to find the same threads going as when I quit the game :grin:

Good luck with these requests. I rather enjoyed TH though I was crap at it. Pretty sure the devs have tons of data showing a huge proportion of players are casuals who enjoy TH and also spend money…

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I will see your 10,000 maps and raise you 27,087.

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