Endgamer Goals!

Looking around at the stats on Taransworld, I keep wondering what is the point in gathering bags of trophies and completing bunches of legendary tasks. What do you think an endgamer’s goal should be? Just taking an opinion survey. If it is anything else, do reply to the post.

  • Collect all troops, pets (all weapons cannot be collected) and upgrade them to max
  • Get all Factions to PF500
  • Grind E12 to medal all troops to Gold Level
  • Grind Trophies in PvP and consistently hit LB there
  • Grind for resources like Gold, Souls, and not necessarily Trophies

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Maintain max possible kingdom power. This goal basically emcompases several of your above choices.



Agree with @Fleg @jpraveensn

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Right. I agree too. I just wanted to dig deeper into it. I wanted to know what makes some players grind so many trophies these days. I play a fair bit too, but some numbers are just unbelievable and I wanted to understand what drives them.

Answering you too… @Wow

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I don’t understand the trophy hunters either.

I use trophies as an indicator of how active someone is. It isn’t perfect, but if someone gets say… 50 trophies a week, that’s an ultra casual player who likely can’t keep up with events. So, my guild has a trophy requirement of 100 to weed out people who just don’t play enough.


2k trophies for me is the minimum and around that I can consider myself casual.


Completionist here. I’ve been playing long enough to have all the weapons and am only missing a couple of the new Gnome troops. It kind of feels like a shame to not stay on top of that. All the non-Delve pets too.

Right now I’m working towards leveling up my kingdoms (getting pets to L20, working on Hero classes, deeds and books and stuff) and slowly working through Delves. Never going to get them all to 500 but that’s totally OK.

I rarely do PVP and don’t farm resources.


Sure you will! They’re almost done adding new Factions. Then we just wait for whatever new carrot they dangle in front of us :wink:


ide say that the main things highlighted are looking at how “complete” your account is but not necessarily related to “end game”. Grinding gold/resources becomes more pointless the more complete your account becomes.

if you want to be in the “end game” then you need to compete in the end game content. For GoW thats really Bracket 1 Guild Wars. anything else is just a grind.

Account completeness gaols:

  • collecting/upgrading all troops to Mythic.
  • Maintaining max possible kingdom power.
  • all classes maxed
  • all faction renown maxed.
  • then the stretch goals…
    • collect/max out all possible pets
    • medal as many troops to gold elite as possible

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Maxing your factions to level 500 is almost mandatory, because:

  • you’ll need it anyway for increasing kingdom power;
  • there are bonuses to one of stats for each 4000 of total renown;
  • there are everyday ingots;
  • small gold income addition.

And you do not have to make full delves (9 rooms) while going for level 500, just take the shortest path.

Yes level 500 is mandatory but I was looking for pure faction PF500 without which we still can max at 68000 renown with PF at 0 OR 71400 renown with PF100 (can be done on Tuesdays very easily).

Exactly that. For me, endgame also encompasses having maximum possible stats (well, almost, I prefer untraited Bandit and it blocks 1 attack from Pridelands until the release of the next Pridelands troop) to help with GW B1. And that requires kingdom levels and power levels, including preparations for future Power Level 30 (20 gold elite troops in every kingdom is no joke and requires ALOT of farming).


Wait… you someone have ALL of the weapons available, but you don’t have all the classes and delves completed? o.O How have you played so long but not have that basic stuff done?

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I really wish brackets weren’t broken. Some endgamers will never get there because good guilds cant jump to better brackets. It is so weird hearing people talk about GW, knowing it is something I will never be able to do. Thank you devs for prioritizing dead guilds just because they were great ages ago. /s


It takes waaay too much grinding to get the delves all the way up and classes to 100. They’ll get there eventually. I play to have fun, and paying thousands of gems and grinding all weekend to get a fancy pet isn’t fun to me. Plenty of people do and that’s totally cool.


There are many guilds now at the top that came up from rock bottom new guilds. It’s not just old or original guilds now.

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On PC/mobile, there arent new guilds at the top. My guild is nearing two years, we win every war, and we still fight dead guilds.

One day, maybe, probably not. :sob:

Like top 1 @Snooj? You jump faster if you were always top 1 with a very high score.