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Endgame Discussion Thread

Just thought it would be cool to have a thread for discussing all things endgame related. Like how best to use resources, most efficient farming teams, kingdom star planning or whatever you want really.

So with kingdoms starting to reach 20 troops soon and the new kingdom power system it’s possible to reach 10* BUT if you have all 20 at mythic you can get 11* (x3.25 tribute). This presents a problem for me because up till now I’ve only been buying tier 2 or 3 in the raid/inv so all those troops are non-mythic.

How are you guys gunna approach this going forward? Do you think it’s worth it to buy tier 6 every raid/inv? Or maybe spend a precious blue orb to ascend? Or is that extra .25 tribute not worth it?


I don’t think it’s worth it, seems almost insubstantial to gain 0,25 extra gold, souls, glory if it means you should put in hundreds of gems every week.


I always buy them to mythic. Not for the bonus, but because I can’t stand not having them at mythic. I have the resources, so why not? Different obsessions for different folks, I guess.


You will also have to ascend Common glory troops…

I have only bought to Mythic once I think, plus used orb on one other. I don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t care if I have all my troops at Mythic either.
Like River said, depends on what you care about.

I have the extra gems, and I still will not be putting gems into tier 6 for every raid/invasion. I can barely stand playing the modes as it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, that extra .25 tribute isn’t worth the gem cost at all.


I have some of the raid invasion troops at mythic without buying to tear 6 just through gem/glory/guild keys. I have been going to T5 just for the legend ingots lately. Before I was doing T3. You can also use blue orb unless you are converting to power orb.

I have all Raid/Invasion troop as Mythic, except the 2 early ones. I quite enjoy these 2 modes, but tbe reason I buy tier 6 every weeks is not for sigils, but those 50 Diamonds. I’m so close to get all the mythic, so I would take any diamond-acceleration I could get, including daily Dungoen deals.

The problem is I never have any gems hoard, I have to rebuild my stack of gems every weeks. My Glory is running low sometime by emptying them on event keys, but it’s more managable to get all weekly troops to Mythic, except Common one, that only stay at Legendary.

After I have all mythic, would I still buy all of that? I don’t know. Maybe? I don’t see much point in hoarding gems, as all my hoarded keys usually enough for getting new base-mythic troop.

For stars level, If I could get it to higher star level in some way, I would no matter what. Hourly tribute is my main income, so even .25 increse would mean a lot to me over some times. I even use acension orbs on Bounty troops, so I could get far in the event without farming gems. And non-glory Rare troops are hard to get to Mythic using only gold keys.

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Thanks for all the replies everyone. Seems we are of a like mind in thinking getting every troop to mythic isn’t worth it. I’m going to continue just getting tier 2 or 3. :smiley:

I’m getting T6 going forward - well started last week during RB - for the Legendary ingots at Tiers 3 4 & 5 mainly. I have been hoarding gems to open VIP chests if I’m desperate for a newly released Mythic but I have so many
resources (and had good luck with seals and gem keys) that I have not opened a VIP chest since March. Still hanging around 30k gems.