End game pvp teams

I have looked around for a list of current end game pvp teams. Most of what I find is older and is missing cards or pre change. So here I ask, what is your favorite go to tier 3 team? We all know the mab/justice/valk combo so we can skip the 300 posts that include them. :slight_smile:

Bonus points for using units that are not considered in the end game meta.


Lev 1191. For me it is

Tesla (even tho only legendary)

Takes down anything - including the buffed Orcs this week. When using Gorg during leafstorm Tesla generally fills again in addition to the green gem avalanche giving you an extra turn.
It is quick and fun and I use it a lot.


@esslee New. Favorite. Team.



Level 1131. I have 2 go-to teams

Great Maw
Infernal King


Gard’s Avatar

Both get me about a 97-98% winrate, regardless of opposition.

@Eslee: Interesting build. I’ve never considered that combination (mostly because those color storms seemed marginal when I tried them when Suncrest came out). What banner do you use with that team?

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I use desert banner for gorgs.
The leafstorm generally doesnt interfere with tesla’s fill. It just seems to keep your turn for you :grinning:
I try to use gorgs after the leafstorm has started


So far I’ve found that team a bit too much of a one trick pony. Still need to cast Tesla multiple times, to wipe teams.

I did run into a bug. Killing multiple Drake Riders at once caused the game to freeze and quit, causing another loss! :slight_smile:

My go to teams are:

Dragon Soul
Pharos Ra


Forest Guardian

Or for extra converter fun:

Giant Spider
Forest Guardian
Pharos Ra

And even the last two weeks Orc team is pretty reliable.

Drake Rider


Crimson Bat
Queen Aurora

Gorgotha is best (most useful) troop in the game (with granite skin trait)
Queen Aurora with rainbow link is amazing


Crimson Bat

Just let Humility die and his third trait buffs the rest of the team. The hard work is all done by Crimson Bat and Crescendo. Works especially well with Sorcerer class for your hero.

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Maw Mercy Infernal King Sheggra is a personal fave. Trying a war team now a days since i drew him. Gorgo, Courage, War, Mercy



Not the fastest or flashiest, but pretty good at keeping the opponent locked down so it can manage just about all types.

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Pretty fun team to use, safe, Mech class with Black Menacles, all mana colors, originally Plague was in last spot for GW, I changed it with Krystenax just now.

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I guess I should post mine. My go to when I just need a win is:

Green seer
Giant spider

After a couple casts of the loop most of the team is stunned and entangled. It’s very efficient but honestly not very fun or fast. Just going through the motions, but this team wins.

I love playing this one:

Forest guardian

It’s such a fun team to play but it’s easily screwed by the board which explains it’s appx 80% win rate. It is very fast though when it works.

I know there are viable psion builds but none have seemed very end game to me. Anyone know any viable builds for him?

Great responses guys, keep them coming.

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My favorite is still this one.

Great team. Not perfect but great team indeed.

I still use Gard as my number 1 team. The first troop (mercy) is just a boost and once the team is started you can do without.

While it’s not the most godly team Krystenax, The Dragon Soul, Kerberos and Sylvanimora is pretty killer.

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No love for the Hellcat/Sekhma duo? Works with many things, but heres my favorite for general use:

Mercy fills hellcat, or A1 fills on a red or blue match. Convert accordingly, try to avoid yellow > red, but hit blue or brown to red if you have to, especially if you see it will drop your next converter cast into alignment. Save Mercy if they have a Bone Dragon, or if they have a Mab/Sylvanimora and it looks like you can’t reliably do the full chain. You can also target them out with a couple Sekhma casts. Can’t take many hits while you are getting set up, but usually doesn’t take that long to set up, either. When used correctly, a short spell chain is all it takes to wipe the opposing team from existence.

Also Alchemist/Terraxsis:

This one takes some foresight and careful use of spell, but is capable of using chain AoE spells to wipe the enemy team without dropping the turn on the second turn. Despite the name, you want to avoid converting red to yellow for as long as you can, because any cascade match (now even match 4s) on red has potential to refill Alchemist so you convert other stuff to yellow to keep the chain going.
(Switch krystenax with Mercy for a more reliable loop start but potentially longer battle)

If you just want some brainless fun (and happen to have a bunch of fully traited mythics lying around), this is something different:

Marilith is often spammable back and forth with Aby with cascades and random matches lowering your opponents attack. Abynissia is backup mana engine and gets infernal king out if Marilith does happen to die. Famine sandwiched in there quickly gets his mana up, preventing the great majority of spells. Don’t take it versus another Famine, though, the team slows way down if Marilith’s magic gets lowered by a bunch and is hard to sacrifice if you have withered the enemy’s attack by too much.

Looking through my teams, I now realize most the slots are Guild Wars style teams… that I end up using in normal PvP sometimes for a chance of pace because I need something else in GW to counter an event boost or specific. I could probably tweak a few of them to not be so unwieldy or defensive for general use. Also trying trying not to retread any of the main core of other teams that were already shared.


Great team, I tried it, although I modified the banner, I used a Double Yellow instead because you have two troops using yellow and you’re using Mercy so I think its best to go double yellow in case of good starting board though Desert banner works just fine.

Does not work against anything that uses a Famine though, I tried, multiple times, it goes horribly wrong every single time.
Here’s a video of me trying it :slight_smile:

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Anointed, Hellcat, Mercy, Sekhma…

that is really something! Loving it.

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I’ve been thinking of trying this combo once I finish my third trait of Sekhma. She’s already showing signs of holding against Famine and such

I’ve used Sekhma with Hellcat before, very potent combo. Anointed One really speeds up the skull damage while also feeding reds, not sure why I never tried them together.