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End game goal advice

Hello, I am looking on some advice on what to do next currently

all challenges completed
all kingdoms lv 10+ and masteries 4+ (working on getting the last few to 5)
Doing daily delves
Working on getting all hordes to lv 100
Doing daily adventures+ daily task
Doing daily dungeon + buying for 50 gems
Guild doing 2k seals and contributing 500K+ gold
Doing all the guild events + personal events

Mythics High king (baught him for gems and love him) Megavore, undine, wulfgarok

I do all my daily content in around 10-15 min and would like to know outside of that what I should now be farming towards especially if there is advice on how to get deeds

Farm gold. Only reliable source of deeds is epic guild tasks. If your primary objective is to get deeds, you should look for a guild that is completing epic tasks or at least doing the green epic task to get writs, which can be crafted into deeds. A guild like that will likely be asking for more than 500k gold donated, so you’d need to spend more time farming gold.

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I agree with @mitamata. Concentrate on gold, kingdoms and classes. And pets. Buy weapon tier in events if you can and consider saving the gems you are spending in dungeon apart from a Sunday when you get more bang for your buck. Don’t use ascension orbs if you ever plan on crafting zuul. Use resources wisely…celestial stones are quite scarce and don’t trait every new troop you find because you will end up running dry. Max out the glory troop every week in the shop to build your arcane stash. And have fun so you don’t burn out.

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It’s almost like you’re bragging, you’ve done everything right :face_with_monocle:

Kingdom power level 7,9 and 10 are your goals now for triple tribute and the +2 skill bonus.

@mitamata For the gold I can easily go to 1M I just need to stop dumping so much in delv hordes. I do like my current guild but we only have a few serious advanced players so this is problematic for tasks might consider changing depending on if we can up the activity of the rest.

@Thevc We on the same page for resource management just for the dungeons I do want to get 4000 as soon as possible to get phros ra for massive soul farming but after will cut down on the spending got it !

@UKresistance Was not trying to brag in anyway just listing what I thought would be helpful for advice. Just hitting a massive soul wall to go past power 5 if you have any advice on that could be helpful !

Nothing wrong with bragging, especially when you are doing things right.

Souls, you need Pharos Ra, and it’s a grind.

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I’d suggest getting:
Pharos Ra for soul farming
TPK (the possesed King) for general utility
as your next mythics from soulforge.

You can try farming some arcane traitstones & medals in Explore .
Each lvl 12 explore run, gives a guaranted arcane stone from mini boss battle, and you get another one from mythic boss battle.
You can easily get 5 arcane traitstones of the type you want in 17 battles.

I always disagree with spending any resources on Pharos Ra. He’s such a short term troop - I never even got him until very recently … well after I had any need of souls - and that is his only value.

If you need souls … arena. Quick and easy. Even before you have DB. Simply easier after.

That’s what I thought too until started medalling troops, now I’m down 4 Mil and going broke.

Guild Wars, preparing for Guild Wars, get into team strategy and how to win faster and better than others

I got ra late and I was close already to db when I got him. But tbh…db ain’t all that and in the modern game is lacklustre. I never use db. Kind of a misdirected pursuit.

Its the bomb in arena. Some teams too, but otherwise. Correct. It’s like a CGA monitor.

(no one here knows what a CGA monitor is, I’m sure).

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In arena if you’ve got a deck of yellow. Apart from that db is mediocre. And how many folk are still playing arena?,

I do. Every day. And I use Dawnbringer.

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Runic blade for arena IMO. Those +10 realy add up.
Never used DB in arena…

The only time I use DB is when I spend 5-6k gems on a class event and going for the power orb. One cast kill on all troops with all the added potion stats.

I have a fast reliable explorer 12 team so I have been doing that for the arcane traitstones but I keep running out of the one a level bellow who is so frustrating !

I am mostly farming it to get those +4 magic medals but the drop rate is so low I am still only half way to my first.

I never spend any gems on class events. I lvl classes everywhere else as long as enemy stats permit. So I switch to rock solid classes generally at some point in doom and factions.

I would donate 1.5 million gold so all tasks are done. 500k gets you no where.

Still gets the guild basic tasks (but, yeah—1.5 is obviously better if you’ve got 30 willing and able to do it)