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End game goal advice


You asking end game questions, but like Rojo is hinting, are you in an end game guild? Guild is key, and you have to get in the best one you can.

It depends if you want to play casual or competitive.

You should pick guild which fits your gameplay and goals.
Guild with a limited activity of players will get you nowhere in terms of achiving any guild goals (or you will just feel that you could achive more, if also others did a bit more)
Guild with requirements that will force you to spend much more time than you want playing will make you burn out and eventualy quit te game or at least leave the guild and look for another one.

It’s all a case of balance and finding a guild between those 2 (with activity and requirements that fit your goals). “Best” guild would be the one you feel comfortable with.

I think i am finally end game. I have done everything now!

Next achievement will be “Try this one Antitan”. Waiting for you guys (and girls)! @Saltypatra

beat speed runs records: discord.gg/Zku92Dm

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