En Garde!

What you quoted me with also not meant towards you directly and most definitly not hostile. “Not understanding” - yeah, but definitely not hostile. As mentioned, I don’t know you or judge you or your playstyle, nor do I care. :slight_smile: But in general what you quoted me saying applies towards anyone that desires if the matches should be “more complicated/time consuming etc”. I personally would view that as “more miserable”. Here again also not supposed to be or applies as negative - if that’s what some desire, so be it, then it is a positive for the respective group, I mean, why not, make it a challenge.
Personally my goal is to get all the epic trials done and collect all pets and max them and never worry about it again. Therefore I need to play, can’t miss a week, play with what I’m “allowed” to. “Restrictions are bad.” The less time consuming additional “chores” the better is my opinion about this matter.
“A good horse jumps only as high as it has to.” Obviously noone has to share that opinion. If there’s no restrictions at all everyone is encluded to make their best gaming experience happen freely. At least during the matches. Would be nice(r).

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