Elemaugrim or Infernus


One question for the game veterans? who troop create:

  1. Elemaugrim
  2. Infernus


I would have gone for Infernus.


Both are really good troops, but personally, I use Elemaugrim more. I don’t think you could make a bad choice.


Both! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We just had this conversation in our guild, and though there were different schools of thought I think we settled on Infernus. Heavy hitter plus exploder and often reloads himself, vs. AoE damage with gem generator that sometimes misses.

If you can eventually get them both, they feed off of each other really well when they’re both fully traited.


Infernus without hesitation he is harder to counter, elemaugrim can be kill by any magic focus team


Both are likely to leave you at the mercy of the AI. Having said that, Infernus all day long.




Infernus. Fits in a variety of teams, and one of the best speed clear troops for PvP. Second trait is fairly essential to how he plays, third trait is gravy (unless you are also using another strong burn synergy like Elemaugrim or Fire Giant.) Elemaugrim is good with Infernus (slightly less so with other mass-burn, much harder to set up), as a back slot Impervious, or as an attack lower bot, but misses a lot even on purple flooded boards if nothing is burning (leaving him with no mana gathered and setting up the AI) and isn’t great damage for his mana cost. Infernus can easily finish off a team without dropping the turn again once he gets a storm out, and even without, will contribute to filling things that can fill him right back up since five explosions always gets some mana. He’ll still drop boards that are bad for you occasionally, but unless he is completely dead, can often just muscle through a lot of situations by just keeping his own mana up to keep doing damage faster than the enemy.


very good and professional answer Mithran, practically I’ve taken a decision but I will wait yet for few answer :wink:


And very thx for all answer :slight_smile: :gift_heart:


definitely infernus. elemaugrim need a burner to loop better and infernus is his best option.

i crafted elemaugrim before having infernus and using him is not that game changing. purple spawn often backfire. regular dragon team do just as much damage without him.

infernus use less mana. he can refill himself faster.

infernus use yellow. good with bard+dawnbringer.

exploder is always better.

exploder + storm is even better.


Infernus 100% - to add to the responses above - he’s so much FUN!


I use both the same in GW. Só it’s really up to what you already have.

If you cannot fully trait any of them right away, then Infernus is the better choice.


Infernus 10


Infernus, because you actually need him (or Jarl) for Elemaugrim to even be effective.


I only have Elemaugrim and find him pretty subpar so far in the teams I tried him in. I’d go for Infernus, he’s a pain to beat in PVP.


Infernus is far more useful. I like Elemaugrim a lot, but Infernus fits on more teams more easily.


These are both Tier 1 MUST have Mythics IMO but I’ll give Infernus the edge. Both can easily wreck opponent teams


Infernus all the way, he is 4th in my most used list already.


@Santandrix what are your first 3 most used? I’m guessing Famine, Kraken and " I have no idea" lol